Infrastructure atlas; transmission of data on construction work on utility networks.

As the owner or operator of a public utility network, submit information on planned or ongoing construction work via the Infrastructure Atlas portal (ISA portal) and thus fulfill your obligation to provide information, if any.



  • You are the owner or operator of a public supply network.
  • You wish to voluntarily transmit the planned or already approved construction work on the supply network to the ISA or are obliged to transmit as a result of a request from a telecommunications network operator to check the coordination of a construction work.
  • Relevant for a transmission are construction works whose initial planned duration is longer than 8 weeks.
  • Planned construction work is relevant for transmission if you intend to have the construction work approved within 6 months.
  • Data on construction work in the telecommunications, gas, electricity, district heating and wastewater sectors are relevant. In addition, construction work on transport routes (railroads, roads, waterways, bridges, ports and airfields).
  • The presentation of data in the ISA requires further information, for example on the type, start and duration of the construction work and on contact persons.


  • Edit your geodata according to the notes on data delivery of construction works for the infrastructure atlas. A current version of the instructions can be downloaded from the ISA portal.
  • Submit the processed data via the ISA portal. To do this, proceed as follows:
    • Access the ISA portal and register as a data provider for construction work if you do not yet have user access to the portal.
    • Fill out the online form for data delivery, upload your geodata and submit it electronically. You can also submit changes to data that has already been sent or early deletions using the online form.
    • You can check the processing status of your data delivery at any time in the ISA portal.
    • As soon as processing is complete, your data will be displayed in the Infrastructure Atlas.

Special notes

There are no indications or specifics


You must provide the data within 2 weeks after a telecommunications network operator submits a request for information on planned or ongoing construction work. Voluntary data deliveries are possible at any time.

Processing time

7 to 14 days

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    • The data relevant for the infrastructure atlas must be transmitted digitally in a georeferenced and vectorized data format that is suitable for inclusion in the infrastructure atlas.

Online procedures

  • Infrastrukturatlas - ISA-Portal

    The ISA portal bundles all information and services related to the Infrastructure Atlas (ISA). As an information and planning tool for gigabit expansion, it is an important component of the gigabit land registry.


  • There is no charge.

    Levy: none


No appeal is provided.


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