Private special schools; application for operating permit and substantial change permit.

Private special schools which correspond in their educational objectives to public schools existing or planned in the Free State of Bavaria must be approved by the responsible government. The latter must also approve substantial changes.


Substitute schools may only be established and operated with state approval. The application, together with all the necessary documents, must be submitted to the school supervisory authority no later than four months before the start of the school year.

Approval shall be granted if

  • the person who intends to establish, operate or manage an alternative school offers a guarantee that it will not violate the constitutional order,
  • the alternative school does not lag behind the public schools in its teaching objectives and facilities and in the academic or artistic training of its teaching staff
  • it does not promote the segregation of pupils according to the property status of their parents
  • the economic and legal position of the teachers is sufficiently secured.

After the school supervisory authority has granted its approval, changes may occur in the course of the school's operation which also require the express approval of the government. In particular, the following changes are considered to require approval:

  • General changes: Name changes, change of school management
  • Changes in the school organization: change of sponsor, establishment of open and restricted all-day programs, relocation, expansion of the number of classes, relocation of classes in the event of renovation, establishment of additional grades
  • Changes in internal operations: concept changes, deviations from vacation regulations


The application, together with all required documents, must be submitted to the school supervisory authority no later than four months before the beginning of the school year.


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