Fuel prices; application for authorization as a provider of consumer information services.

Do you want to inform consumers about current fuel prices at service stations? Then you can use real-time data from the Market Transparency Unit for Fuels under certain conditions.



Admission may be applied for by:

  • Individuals and
  • companies.

You make a credible case that

  • You will use the data provided by the Motor Fuel Market Transparency Unit to inform consumers about current fuel prices nationwide; and
  • the consumer information
    • is intended to be permanent
    • is published by means of a nationwide information service, and
    • is not limited to a specific target group.


You can apply for approval as a VID provider using the online procedure or informally, preferably in writing (by mail, fax, or e-mail).

Online procedure:

  • Access the online application on the federal portal (verwaltung.bund.de). This will guide you step-by-step through the necessary information, which you can enter electronically.
  • Upload the required documents as a file (in PDF, DOC, JPEG, PNG file formats, maximum 10 megabytes per file) and submit the application.

Note: For the online application you need an electronic identification document, for example the online function of your identity card.

  • The Market Transparency Unit for Fuels will contact you if there are any queries or missing documents.
  • The Market Transparency Unit for Fuels will send you
    • a notice of approval as a supplier of VID or
    • a notice of refusal.

Other Application:

  • Compile the documentation and information necessary to establish credible eligibility requirements.
  • Include the following information in your informal application:
    • Name of applicant.
    • Address
    • E-mail address
    • Designation of your VID
    • Name of a contact person and
      • their telephone number
    • if available:
      • Fax number
      • Name of the legal representative or the person responsible according to the Telemedia Act or the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty as well as
        • their address and
        • telephone number and
        • Fax number and
        • e-mail address.

Note: On the website of the Market Transparency Unit for Fuels you will find assistance in drafting the application.

  • Please send your application preferably in writing (by mail, fax or e-mail) to the Bundeskartellamt, Market Transparency Unit for Fuels.
  • The Market Transparency Unit for Fuels will contact you in case of queries or missing documents or information.
  • The Market Transparency Unit for Fuels will send you
    • a notice of approval as a provider of VID or
    • a notice of refusal.


You do not have to observe any deadlines.

Processing time

For processing the application: usually 6 to 12 months

Required documents

  • Required document/s

    You must provide the MTS-K with the following information and documents as part of the application process:

    • A brief introduction of yourself or your company for which you are applying for approval as a VID;
    • a detailed description of your (planned) VID. Questions may include:
      • What is the medium or media of publication?
      • What form will the presentation take?
      • What is the mode of operation?
      • How does the consumer retrieve the data?
      • What information can consumers receive?
    • Explanation,
      • which target group your offer is intended to reach,
      • whether and, if so, how your target group differs from the general public and
      • under what conditions the service is also accessible to other target groups.
    • Presentation,
      • when you will start providing consumer information and
      • how you guarantee that your offer will be permanently available from this date.
    • Presentation of the geographical availability of your offer under the following aspects:
      • Your offer includes all service stations nationwide.
      • Your offer can be accessed nationwide.
    • Presentation of how frequently you will update price data and how you will guarantee the necessary technical performance.
    • Presentation of your business model or the financing of your offer.

    Add supporting documents, if available. You will need a power of attorney if you are submitting the application on behalf of another person or organization.


  • There are no costs for you.


  • Objection
  • Administrative court action


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