OPS/ICD proposal process; participation.

Proposals for the further development of the ICD-10-GM and OPS classifications can be submitted to the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices from the beginning of December to the end of February as part of the proposal procedure and can then be viewed.



  • You must use the electronic proposal forms provided to submit a proposal.
  • You may submit proposals only on your own behalf or with the express consent of the responsible person named in the form under point 1.


If you would like to submit proposed changes to the ICD-10-GM or the OPS, proceed as follows:

  • Access the BfArM website.
  • Navigate via the Coding Systems section and select ICD or OPS.
  • Locate the form relevant to your proposal.
  • Download and complete the document.
  • Include the comments of one or more professional associations as an attachment.
  • Send all the proposal form and other documents electronically to BfArM.

How to proceed:

  • Receipt phase: beginning of December to end of February.
    • Proposals can be submitted.
    • Proposals will be published without content review by BfArM.
    • The public can comment on individual proposals.
  • Preparation phase: Beginning of March to end of April.
    • Proposals are screened and processed by the BfArM.
  • Meeting and processing phase: End of April to July/August.
    • The proposals are coordinated with professional associations and developers of payment systems.
  • Publication phase Preliminary version July/August
    • A preliminary version of the updated ICD-10-GM and OPS classification is published and can be viewed.
  • Finalization and decision phase: August/September
    • Final voting takes place.
  • Publication phase Final version: September to November
    • The current version of the ICD-10-GM and OPS classification is published.

Special notes

The following guidance is provided:

Outside of the proposal process, changes to ICD-10-GM and OPS are determined only when they are

  • are necessary for editorial reasons or
  • are necessary to implement a legal requirement.


Proposed changes to ICD-10-GM and OPS can be submitted electronically until the end of February of the procedure year.

Processing time

It takes approximately 11 months from the submission of proposals to the publication of the latest ICD-10-GM and OPS classifications. (11 months)

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    Wenn Sie einen Vorschlag für die Weiterentwicklung der ICD-10-GM- oder OPS-Klassifikation einreichen möchten, werden folgende Unterlagen benötigt: 

    • Vorschlagsformular zur Einreichung der Vorschläge.
    • mit den zuständigen Fachverbänden abgestimmte Vorschläge mit deren schriftlichen Stellungnahmen.

    Wenn Sie die Vorschläge für die Weiterentwicklung der ICD-10-GM- oder OPS-Klassifikation einsehen möchten, sind keine weiteren Unterlagen notwendig. 


  • There are no costs involved.


No legal remedies are provided.


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