Aviation security; application for a background check

The reliability of aviation employees and pilots/trainee pilots must be checked by the Aviation Authorities of Southern and Northern Bavaria as the responsible aviation security authorities. The application procedure is explained under Procedure.



  • Persons who are to be granted access to the non-public areas of the airport premises of a commercial airport not only occasionally in order to carry out their professional activities: Applications for a background check are part of the application for an airport ID card and are therefore only available from and must be submitted to the respective airport operator. The airport operator then forwards the application for a background check to the responsible aviation authority.
  • Other personnel (see no. 2 under Description): Applications for a background check must be submitted to the competent aviation security authority via the employer. The relevant application form (see "Forms") must be used for this purpose.
  • The online access procedure is available for private individuals (pilots, flight students) (see "Online procedure").

Required documents

  • Required Documents:

    • Copy of valid identity card (front and back) or passport (clearly legible and preferably in colour copy)
    • if the address is not stated on the identity document: current valid confirmation of residence
    • in case of information on residence abroad: current certificate(s) of good conduct in the original, if necessary with Hague Apostille or legalisation (see information sheet) as well as officially certified translation into German of the certificate(s) of good conduct in the original
    • Proof of periods of employment and training
    • in case of interruption(s): proof(s) of interruption(s)
    • if applicable, signature of employer or aviation security officer
    • in the case of minors: the signature of the legal representative


Please select a location in "Localization" so that the address of the responsible authority can be filled in.

Online procedures


  • The background check is subject to a fee. The costs of the background check for the exercise of a professional activity are borne by the employer (Section 7 (2) sentence 2 LuftSiG).


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