Private secondary schools; application for a supply subsidy

School authorities of private secondary schools, grammar schools, Waldorf schools (from year 5 onwards) and secondary schools receive a pension allowance for the pension costs incurred for their teachers in the previous year.



Among other things:

  • State funding is only granted to schools that are operated by legal entities under public or private law and operate on a non-profit basis (proof must be provided in the form of a certificate from the tax office). This also includes ecclesiastical legal entities, including those pursuant to Art. 9 of the Bavarian Concordat with the Holy See of March 29, 1924 and Art. 13 of the Treaty between the Bavarian State and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria on the Right Bank of the Rhine of November 15, 1924.
  • State recognition of the school; in the case of state approval, the requirements of Art. 45 para. 1 BaySchFG must be met.
    These include, among other things, that
    • the school is fully developed,
    • the school offers the guarantee that it permanently fulfills the educational objectives of the corresponding public schools in such a way that it appears to be equivalent to public schools,
    • there are no significant objections from the school supervisory authorities,
    • the school has been in operation for at least 4 school years as of August 1st of a year (start of subsidy) and
    • the school is intended to operate on a permanent basis.


Grants are usually awarded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs with a payment on account on February 15 based on the previous year's grant and a final payment including settlement on November 15 of the respective year.

The school authorities receive the application documents from the State Ministry at the beginning of the year and submit them in writing by May 31st of the year together with the necessary supporting documents.


Applications for the annual subsidy must be submitted by May 31 of the year.

Processing time

The application is processed in the current grant year (financial year). The grants are also awarded in the same year.

Required documents

  • Copy of the notice from the tax office on the (provisional) recognition of non-profit status

  • Entitled persons receive the necessary forms annually from the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture, Science and the Arts.

    (the documents required in individual cases will be referred to in a general letter to all school authorities)



  • none

Legal bases


Objection or administrative court action


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