Biomass heating plant; application for funding

With the BioWärme Bayern funding program, Bavaria supports investments in new, environmentally friendly biomass heating plants and associated heating networks.



Key funding requirements:

  • The project may not commence before approval has been granted. The conclusion of a supply or service contract attributable to the execution of the project (e.g. order, purchase contract) is deemed to be the start of the project. Planning services may be provided before the application is submitted.
  • A heat storage tank ("buffer storage tank") with a minimum storage volume of 30 liters per kilowatt of nominal heat output must always be installed.
  • The forecast annual energy requirement and the share of the biomass boiler(s) in the annual heat generation must be plausibly demonstrated (e.g. by an engineering office or an energy consultancy).
  • Heat supply contracts or preliminary contracts for 100 percent of the forecast energy sales (in relation to the final expansion planned as part of this project) must be submitted with the application.
  • The biomass boiler(s) must achieve a calculated capacity utilization of at least 1,500 full operating hours per year in accordance with the application concept.
  • The subsidized plant must be built within Bavaria and must be operated for the intended purpose at the location specified in the application for at least eight years after commissioning (earmarking).
  • Funding for an energy-efficient, associated heating network requires the application for and funding of a biomass heating plant in accordance with the BioWärme Bayern guidelines. At least 75 percent of the heat must come from renewable energies, from waste heat as defined in the Bavarian BioWärme Directive or from a combination of the above sources.


  • A project meeting with the Technology and Funding Center at the Competence Center for Renewable Resources (TFZ) is always required before submitting an application.
  • The application documents can be downloaded from the Internet (see "Further links").
  • Applications must be submitted to the TFZ, which is also responsible for approval.
  • The project may not begin before approval has been granted. The start of the project is deemed to be the conclusion of a supply or service contract attributable to the execution of the project. Planning services may be provided before the application is submitted.



Processing time

Once a complete funding application has been submitted, an average processing time of four to six weeks can be expected before approval is granted.

Required documents

  • Brief description of the project

  • Energy demand calculation

  • Annual duration line

  • Cost plan

  • Proof of financing

  • Information on cost structure and profitability

  • Heat supply (pre)contracts

  • Construction plan/site plan/route


  • none


Administrative court proceedings; information

Administrative action


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