Cinema; application for funding within the framework of the Future Cinema Program

If you would like to invest in your cinema, you can apply for funding under certain conditions.


The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) provides funding of up to EUR 315,000 to cinemas throughout Germany, especially outside metropolitan areas.

You can receive funding for the following measures:

  • Smart data / customer loyalty / investment marketing measures, for example.
    • Hardware and software,
    • licenses,
    • agency expenses,
    • legal advice and programming work, and
    • Expenditure on advertising facilities
    • Green cinema / sustainability / environmentally friendly processes, for example
      • Modernization of heating systems,
      • air conditioning and ventilation,
      • sanitary installations,
    • Investments in the use of renewable energies, for example
      • solar energy,
      • LED lighting,
      • cooling equipment,
    • waste separation and reduction systems, and
    • Creation of bicycle parking spaces and e-charging stations in the outdoor area.
    • Accessibility in the cinema, for example
      • Construction of ramps and elevators,
      • Construction of barrier-free sanitary facilities,
      • Measures to adapt the fire protection concept to existing standards
      • Acquisition and installation of technology for the visually and hearing impaired,
      • Production of a barrier-free website in accordance with current standards and regulations,
      • Installation of a public W-LAN,
      • Installation of signage systems for the visually and hearing impaired, and
      • Installation of barrier-free car parking spaces in accordance with local building regulations.
    • Cash register technology, such as the renewal of
      • servers,
      • workstations,
      • cash drawers,
      • ticket and receipt printers,
      • scanners,
      • network technology,
      • digital signage and
      • Software
    • Projection and sound technology, such as renewal of:
      • Projection technology as well as
      • subcomponents, such as
        • server,
        • projector,
        • light engine,
        • IMB,
        • lens,
        • 3D unit,
        • fan and
        • Screen
    • Renewal of the entire sound equipment in the projection room and auditorium, for example:
      • Loudspeakers,
      • amplifier
      • processor,
      • event technology, for example:
        • Microphone technology,
        • Lighting technology
    • Seating and movie theater equipment, for example:
      • Auditorium improvement expenditures, for example:
        • Replacement of seating,
        • Work on wall,
        • floor,
        • ceilings,
        • curtain,
        • lamination,
        • substructure,
        • fire protection/security technology and
        • Network and event technology
    • Furnishing of visitor areas / foyer, for example:
      • Modernization of the foyer,
      • the furnishing,
      • sales counters and
      • catering technology
    • Measures for the repair of the outdoor facilities, for example:
      • Modernizations of the outdoor advertising system,
      • showcase system,
      • facade and
      • doors and windows

Also funded Due to the current pandemic, current remodeling and equipment needed to adequately reduce the risk of infection (especially with the SARS-CoV-2 virus) in the public and non-public areas of the cinema .

You will not receive funding for:

  • Measures that you started before you submitted the application,
  • Special types of cinemas, for example:
  • Open-air cinemas,
  • traveling cinemas,
  • drive-in cinemas,
  • cinemas in hotels,
  • restaurants,
  • barracks,
  • new installations, expansion or reopening of cinemas,
  • own services,
  • office and administrative expenses,
  • second-hand goods,
  • consumables,
  • leasing,
  • cleaning services,
  • film rental,
  • labor costs,
  • the purchase of land and buildings,
  • repairs,
  • maintenance contracts,
  • support services,
  • subscription fees,
  • guarantees.

If you want to invest in the future viability of your cinema, then you can get a subsidy of up to 40 percent of the total eligible costs.

The amount of the subsidy depends on the number of your movie theaters:

  • if you have a cinema with only one auditorium, you can get up to EUR 60,000


  • if you have a cinema with at least 2 auditoriums, you will receive up to EUR 45,000 per auditorium, max. EUR 315,000.

Grants of up to EUR 5,000 are paid out once.

Grants of more than EUR 5,000 are paid out in up to 4 installments depending on the progress of your measure and on request.

Proof that the financing of the measure is secured must be submitted by the time the first installment is paid out at the latest.
Proof of use must be submitted before the last installment is paid out. The proof of use consists of a factual report and a numerical proof in the form of invoices and transfer vouchers. The funds must be used within 6 months after the grant is awarded.

You must keep all invoices and receipts related to eligible costs.

You are not entitled to receive the grant.

You submit the application for funding under the Future Cinema Program to the German Federal Film Board (FFA).


Applications can be submitted by:

  • Cinema operators of fixed cinemas
    • located in the Federal Republic of Germany and with a maximum of 7 screens
      • from a federal state with its own cinema support program
      • and
      • with proof of economic viability
      • Economic viability is generally recognized if:
      • Your cinema has had an average of 275 screenings in the past 3 years
      • and
      • can prove continuous operation for at least 9 months on average

Other requirements:

You must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Your cinema is located in a municipality with a population of 50,000 or less


  • You have, within the last 3 years prior to application, received an award with
    • Cinema Program Award of the BKM


  • the Cinema Award of the Kinematheksverbund


  • a cinema program award of the federal states


  • have an audience share of at least 40 percent for German and European films


  • On average, 40 percent of your total programming (screened film titles) in the last 3 calendar years consisted of German and other European films. The number of titles is the deciding factor in programming.


You must submit the application for funding under the Future Cinema Program online and in writing to the German Federal Film Board (FFA):

  • You submit the application online via the FFA's application and notification portal. You can also upload all required documents there.
  • Fill out the application form electronically and send it off. Then print out the sent application form and sign it. The signed application form, send by mail to the FFA within 5 days after online application to make the application legally binding.
  • The FFA will review your application. If the FFA approves your application, you will receive a grant notification by mail.
  • They will now begin the action.
  • Notice:
    • If necessary, you can also apply to start your measure before your grant notice is issued.
  • If you would like to receive an installment payment, submit the Installment Payment Request online and upload the required documentation. Print and sign the installment disbursement form that was sent electronically. Mail the signed application form to the FFA.
  • FFA will review your installment payment request and, if all supporting documentation is received, will transfer the installment.
  • When you have completed the measure, you submit an online application to the FFA for verification of use in connection with the payment of the last installment:
  • You create a proof of use online (numerical proof and factual report) and upload all required documents. Complete and submit the proof of use form electronically. Then print and sign the sent form. Mail the signed form to the FFA.
  • The FFA will check the proof of use and transfer the last installment if all proofs are submitted.


  • for application: none, applications can be submitted on an ongoing basis
  • Use of funds: within 6 months after the grant is awarded
  • Submission of proof of use: when the last installment is paid, but no later than 6 months after the end of the grant period.

You may not start the measure until your application has been approved.
In exceptional, particularly justified cases, the deadlines may be extended upon request.

Processing time

  • for processing the application: usually 8 weeks.

The processing time can only be adhered to if the application is submitted in full with all required documents.

Required documents

  • Erforderliche Unterlage/n

    Bei der Antragstellung müssen Sie einreichen:

    • Kosten- und Finanzierungsplan
    • Kostenvoranschläge
    • Information über Miet-, Pacht- oder Eigentumsverhältnisse
    • aktueller Handelsregisterauszug oder Vereinsregisterauszug des Antragstellers, nicht älter als ein Jahr
    • genaue Beschreibung der Maßnahme
    • bei Kinos in Städten über 50.000 Einwohner: Nachweis über Kinoprogrammpreis
    • der Beauftragten für Kultur und Medien (BKM)


    • der Länder


    • des Kinematheksverbundes


    • falls nicht vorhanden: Nachweis über Besucheranteile


    • Filmprogramm mithilfe eines lückenlosen Spielplans aus den letzten 3 Jahren vor Antragsstellung

    Um die erste Rate der Förderung zu bekommen, müssen Sie vorlegen:

    • den vollständig ausgefüllten Antrag auf Auszahlung mit Ihrer Unterschrift
      • wenn Sie nicht der Antragsteller sind, dann zusätzlich eine Vollmacht des Antragstellers
    • sämtliche Nachweise der Finanzierung

    Bevor Sie die letzte Rate ausgezahlt bekommen müssen Sie vorlegen:

    • Verwendungsnachweis (zahlenmäßiger Nachweis und Sachbericht) mit Ihrer Unterschrift
      • wenn Sie nicht der Antragsteller sind, dann zusätzlich eine Vollmacht des Antragstellers

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  • none


  • Opposition


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