Inter-municipal cooperation; application for funding

The Free State of Bavaria grants subsidies for new exemplary inter-municipal cooperation projects.



  • Only new cooperation projects are eligible for funding; the project must not yet have been started (conclusion of a supply or service contract attributable to execution).
  • There must be a corresponding resolution of the decision-making bodies of the participating municipalities, in which the tasks that are to be the subject of the cooperation and the objectives aimed at with the cooperation project are defined.
  • The cooperation should relate to essential areas of the administrative procedure, which are connected with personal, structural or organizational changes at the parties involved in the cooperation. It should serve as a model for the action potential of inter-municipal cooperation.
  • Mere joint procurement and use of large-scale and specialized equipment is not generally eligible for funding.
  • The cooperation project is to be set up permanently, for at least 5 years.
  • The cooperation should result in a saving of personnel and material expenses in the cooperating task areas of at least 15% per year. The reduction in expenditure due to the grant itself is not taken into account.
  • No funding is provided if other funds from the Free State of Bavaria are used for the project.
  • Cooperation projects with less than 5,000 euros in eligible expenses are not eligible for funding.
  • There is no legal entitlement to funding; funding is provided within the framework of the available budget funds.



The application must be submitted in simple form to the locally responsible government (granting authority). The application must describe the savings in personnel and material expenses (comparison of the previous material and personnel costs of the individual cooperation partners with the costs expected after the cooperation). In addition, the application must include a declaration that the measure has not yet been started as well as the content and time sequence of the concrete cooperation project.


The locally responsible government decides with the involvement of its contact person for inter-municipal cooperation and, if necessary, with the involvement of the specialist supervisory authorities. The government issues a written notice of approval.

Proof of use

Proof that the funds have been used for the intended purpose is provided in the form of a confirmation of use. The report must contain a brief description of the project.


An application can only be submitted if the cooperation project has not yet been started.


  • The procedure is free of charge.

Legal bases


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim

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