Lay aides; application for funding to provide care for the mentally ill

The Free State of Bavaria provides grants for the care of mentally ill people by lay helpers in Bavaria.



The purpose of the grant is to facilitate participation of the mentally ill in the routines of normal life and to reduce prejudice.


Funding is provided for expenses incurred by lay helpers in connection with the care of the mentally ill.

Recipients of funding

In principle, the associations of voluntary welfare work and their affiliated organizations are eligible to apply.

Eligible costs

A lump sum is granted for each lay helper.

Type and amount

The grant is awarded as a fixed-amount financing within the framework of project funding. The flat-rate cost allowance is granted as a grant and amounts to up to 155 euros per lay helper per year.


Essential Eligibility Requirements:

  • Lay helpers should belong to a group of at least four helpers and be active in lay work on a voluntary basis, regularly and throughout the year.
  • Professional supervision of the lay helpers should be guaranteed.
  • For the first-time state funding, the eligibility requirements should have been met for about one year prior to the grant period.



Applications must be submitted to the government with local jurisdiction over the applicant's headquarters



The governments are responsible for approvals.

Special notes

Funding is provided without legal entitlement within the limits of the available budget.


Applications for the current year must be submitted by March 1 of the current year.

Required documents

  • Confirmation of qualification and efficiency of lay work

    (e.g. by central association, social psychiatric service, established neurologist, district hospital, public health department)


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