Labor Market Fund; Application for a Grant for Measures for Qualification and Promotion of Employment

The Free State of Bavaria supports you in financing measures for qualification and job promotion of unemployed persons and persons threatened by unemployment.


Purpose and object

The Labor Market Fund is used to support, upon application, measures for qualification and employment promotion that require "start-up financing" or a limited, ever decreasing subsidy of usually up to 3 years (exception: training canvassers). Funding is not granted to individual persons.

The target groups of the measures of the Labor Market Fund are unemployed persons and persons threatened by unemployment (employee-related approach). Eligible measures are primarily those that fall under one of the following four funding priorities:

1) Regional labor market initiatives and the development and testing of innovative instruments (experimental pot).

These include, in particular, (innovative) projects for the (re-)integration of the unemployed or people who have become unemployed as a result of the Corona pandemic. However, it also includes measures that focus on securing regional skilled labor needs and/or the effects of the "3 D transformation" on the labor market (demographics, digitalization and decarbonization). In addition, projects for the integration of refugees into the labor market are covered, especially refugees from Ukraine.

2) Projects to support young people on their way to vocational training and vocational qualification.

Young people who have difficulties in obtaining a training place due to their life situation and/or the situation on the regional training place market are to be supported. Within the framework of this funding priority, innovative measures can be promoted

  • to promote training activities,
  • to overcome difficulties in the transition from school to vocational training or vocational school (school leaver classes), in the transition from vocational school (classes for young people without a training place, so-called JoA classes) to vocational training, and
  • for the integration of young adults into the vocational training system, insofar as no other support, in particular statutory support, is provided.

3) Training acquisition officers (AQs) for lower-performing young people with and without an immigrant background.

AQs support lower-performing young people with or without a migration background as well as apprentices - regardless of their performance level and school-leaving qualifications - insofar as their training companies are affected by insolvency or are threatened with insolvency.

  • The AQs provide information about the opportunities and possibilities of the dual training system.
  • Thanks to their large network, the AQs are able to provide targeted support to apprenticeship seekers at the transition from school to work and to companies in their search for suitable young people.

Likewise, the large network offers the opportunity to bring young people whose training companies are affected by insolvency into contact with companies where it is possible to complete their training.

4) Measures to improve opportunities for women in the labor market

The measures are intended to reach women who want to use and develop their potential to improve their opportunities in the labor market. Gender-specific disadvantages or disadvantages in the labor market caused by interruptions in employment are to be compensated for and women are to be supported in their professional development and career advancement.

5) Measures to support people with disabilities on their way to vocational training (vocational orientation) and / or jobs in the general labor market.

These measures are intended to support people with disabilities who, due to their living situation and / or the situation on the regional labor market, have difficulties in obtaining a training position or job that is subject to social insurance contributions and who are not entitled to benefits from a workshop for people with disabilities or another benefit provider.

Recipients of funding

Any legally responsible organization that implements appropriate qualification and employment promotion measures is eligible to apply; this may also include municipalities. Job centers under § 6a SGB II and § 44b SGB II are excluded from funding.

Eligible costs

Only project-related personnel and material expenses are eligible for funding.

Type and amount

Funding priorities 1), 2), 4) and 5):
Temporary, pro rata, degressive (up to 90% in the first year, up to 80% in the second year, up to 70% in the third year) funding of the planned or established project-related expenditure (pro rata funding in accordance with ANBest-P/ ANBest-K).

Funding priority 3):
Temporary, pro-rata (up to 90%) funding of personnel and material expenses. Non-personnel expenses may not exceed 15% of personnel expenses.


  • The decisive factor is whether the application is selected (by the Labor Market Fund Working Group) for funding.
  • The measures are intended to promote the transition of participants into the primary labor market (e.g. through qualification measures, internships).
  • Measures are supported in regions in which - in relation to the target groups of the respective funding priority - the unemployment rate in at least one of the annual averages of the last three years is at or above the average for Bavaria as a whole (so-called priority regions).
  • However, the projects must be outside the activities of the Federal Employment Agency, the job centers as well as outside the activities of the European Social Fund or other European programs and the measures of the federal government or the state.
  • As a rule, projects that have been subsidized in the past by other funding sources cannot be supported by the Labor Market Fund. The measures should be new or novel.
  • The local employment agency and job center are to be involved with the request for a professional assessment of the project and appropriate support.
  • Local stakeholders (companies, works councils, municipalities, chambers of commerce, etc.) must also be involved or integrated.
  • For the project implementation, an appropriate own contribution of the project executing agency is to be taken into account. The project executing agency's own contribution must be at least 10 percent.
  • The overall financing of the project must be secured.
  • With regard to additional funding from third parties, corresponding confirmations must be submitted by the respective agencies (so-called co-financing confirmations).
  • The Labor Market Fund may not contribute to the financing of transfer companies or projects involving job opportunities under Section 16d of the Second Book of the German Social Code (SGB II).


For the current 33rd selection round, you can find detailed information on this year's funding priorities, focus regions and the application deadline in the "Supplementary Information on the AMF Funding Guideline", which is published on the website of the Bavarian State Ministry for Family Affairs, Labor and Social Affairs.( If you have any questions about the individual funding priorities, please do not hesitate to contact the persons named in the Supplementary Information.

During the application period, the application must be sent exclusively in electronic form as a pdf file by e-mail to (e-mail inbox of the Bavarian State Ministry for Family Affairs, Labor and Social Affairs). The application for funding priority 3) can be sent at any time.

The respective application deadline is a cut-off deadline, i.e. applications that are received late or for which essential documents and information are missing by this date can no longer be considered in the selection of projects by the Labor Market Fund Working Group.

Projects are selected by the Labor Market Fund Working Group, which is made up of representatives of the Bavarian State Government, business organizations, trade unions and the labor administration.

If your application is selected for funding, you may need to further specify the application (concept, cost and financing plan) so that the government responsible at that time can take further steps (such as issuing the notice of approval). The governments are responsible for the administrative processing of the projects.

Special notes

  • As a rule, the Labor Market Fund cannot provide funding for more than three years to finance a project. As long as the funding is for a smaller period, applications for extensions can be made.
  • The goal should be to continue the project on the basis of other funding after the funding expires.
  • The funded measures will be checked for their labor market effectiveness and permanent establishment. By applying for funding, you agree to assist in the necessary surveys.
  • A project start is realistic from October of the same year if the project is selected for funding.


Application deadline: The application deadline for the 33rd selection round 2023 (excluding measures from funding priority 3) is March 31, 2023.

Processing time

The application phase is followed by the evaluation phase, which is expected to end in July 2023 with the selection of eligible and eligible projects by the Labor Market Fund Working Group.

Subsequently, you as the applicant will receive notification of the outcome.

There is no statutory processing deadline. All parties involved strive to run the process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Required documents

  • Submission of the form application (see under "Forms") including the necessary documents:

    • Concept description (max. 6 pages),
    • Cost and financing plan
    • Statement of the local employment agency according to the given sample (see under "Forms").


  • Form, Bavaria-wide: Antragsformular
    Please note

    This form has to be signed and sent to the responsible authority. You can sign the form manually and send it by email/fax or sign the form electronically with your qualified electronic signature an send it by (secure) email. If the responsible authority has set up a De-Mail account, you can also send the form by De-Mail using an sender-confirmed message.

  • Form, Bavaria-wide: Arbeitsmarktliche Stellungnahme
    Please note

    This form has to be signed and sent to the responsible authority. You can sign the form manually and send it by email/fax or sign the form electronically with your qualified electronic signature an send it by (secure) email. If the responsible authority has set up a De-Mail account, you can also send the form by De-Mail using an sender-confirmed message.


  • There are no costs or fees for you as the applicant as part of the application process.


No legal remedy is possible against the selection decision of the working group, as there is no legal entitlement to the funding. It is a voluntary benefit of the Free State of Bavaria.

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