All-day offer; application for the establishment and promotion of open all-day offers

The Free State of Bavaria supports open all-day programs at schools. Open all-day programs are approved upon application by the school's sponsor.



In order to enable mothers and fathers to reconcile family and career as well as appropriate forms of family division of labour, all-day schools offer families not only care but also educational support. With all-day schools, however, Bavaria is not only sending out a socio-political signal, but is above all focusing on educational goals. The all-day school is an educational offer with a distinct quality of content. More time is available for extended educational and support opportunities. All-day schools in Bavaria are committed to the triad of education, upbringing and care.


The Free State of Bavaria provides funding for open all-day programs at state and municipal schools as well as independent schools to cover additional personnel costs.

Type and amount

Depending on the type of school, the subsidy per open all-day group (until 4 p.m.) and school year currently amounts to between EUR 23,465.00 and EUR 37,912.00 at municipal schools and independent schools. State schools receive a budget per group and school year of between €29,952.00 and €44,399.00, which includes a municipal co-financing lump sum of €6,487.00 at present.

Short groups in the open all-day (grades 1-4) are funded at municipal schools and schools in independent sponsorship with an amount of 5,906.00 euros. Short groups in open all-day education at state schools receive a budget of €11,812.00, which also includes a share of €5,906.00 from the funding agency.

Recipient of funds

The funds are paid out to the school's funding agency or cooperation partner.



promotion of an open all-day offer requires, among other things

, that
  • on at least four days of the week an all-day offer is provided for the pupils until 4 p.m. in principle,
  • lunch is provided for the participating pupils on all days of the all-day school operation, and
  • the educational and childcare services are organised and carried out under the supervision and responsibility of the school management and have a conceptual connection with the lessons.
The further requirements for approval can be found in the respective announcement by the Minister of Education and in the documents on the annual application procedure.


The application for the establishment of an open all-day programme must be prepared by the school management. The application has to be submitted to the competent government by the school (expense) bearer by the annually fixed application date for the following school year - in the case of primary schools and secondary schools via the State Education Offices or in the case of secondary modern schools and grammar schools via the offices of the Ministerial Commissioners, in the case of commercial schools and special schools directly.

The State Education Offices and the offices of the Ministerial Commissioners forward the applications to the competent government.

The governments are responsible, among other things, for approving and granting the open all-day provision, for paying out the funding and for checking the proof of use.


The application date will be announced each year as part of the annual application and approval process.


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  • The educational and childcare services are - with the exception of the costs for the midday meal - basically free of charge for the pupils.

Status: 08.10.2021

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