Digital regional home projects; application for funding.

The Free State of Bavaria promotes innovative homeland projects with a focus on digitization that have a positive impact on Bavaria's spatial development and, in particular, serve to strengthen regional identity.



The funding aims to support innovative home projects with a focus on digitization that have a positive impact on Bavaria's spatial development and, in particular, serve to strengthen regional identity. Specifically, the funding is intended to contribute to,

  • Promote and secure equivalent living and working conditions throughout Bavaria,
  • enable digital participation and digital equality of opportunity in all regions of Bavaria,
  • promote inter-municipal and inter-regional cooperation,
  • to strengthen the attractiveness of conurbations and rural areas,
  • to raise the profile of all sub-regions, both internally and externally,
  • to secure services of general interest.


The grant is intended to support the implementation of homeland projects with a focus on digitization that have an innovative character and an interdisciplinary approach and support the development of Bavaria in accordance with the purpose of the grant.

Recipient of the grant

Regional authorities (counties, districts), independent cities, associations and foundations are eligible to apply for and receive funding. Other legal entities under public or private law are also eligible if at least one of their members or shareholders is one of the local authorities listed above.

Eligible costs

Funding is available for expenses for personnel, movable property, travel and overnight stays, hospitality at high-profile events, public relations work, external consulting and services, investments in digital goods (for example, apps, websites and other online offerings), as well as other services provided by third parties and other investments.

Type and amount

The grant is provided as project funding by way of pro-rata financing. It amounts to a maximum of 300,000 euros per grantee. The funding rate is between 50% and 90%, depending on the geographical location.


Essential requirements for funding

  • Home project: The project has a positive impact on the spatial development of Bavaria and serves in particular to strengthen regional identity.
  • Cross-sectional significance/interdisciplinary approach: The project covers at least two subject areas. Here, the strengthening of regional identity can be targeted in particular, but also, for example, culture/home culture, public services, medical care, public transport, accessibility, integration or climate.
  • Innovative project content/novel model character: In terms of content, technology or methodology, the project goes beyond existing approaches in the respective thematic field of spatial development in Bavaria and thus offers a recognizable added value compared to previously existing approaches.
  • Digital focus: In the context of the project, for example, an app or Internet platform is created or "smart" or networked applications are realized. In a feasibility study, it is mandatory to examine the possibility and perspective of digitization.



For a basic assessment of eligibility for funding, a project outline must first be submitted to the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Regional Affairs. After a positive initial assessment, an application for funding can be prepared and submitted with the support of the responsible government.


The governments are responsible for approval. In principle, grants can only be approved if the project in question has not yet begun. The approval period for project implementation is a maximum of three years.

Special notes

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Funding is not possible if the project can be funded by another (specialist) funding program.
  • Funding under the Heimat-Digital-Regional funding guideline is not possible if the subject of the funding is eligible for funding under other programs of the European Union, the federal government or the Free State of Bavaria (prohibition of double funding). However, co-financing of a project funded by an EU or federal program is possible if the EU or federal program requires or permits state co-financing.


Applications for funding can be submitted within the period of validity of the Home Digital Regional Funding Guidelines (01.01.2021 - 31.12.2023) without any specific deadlines.

Required documents

  • Subsidy declaration (see under "Forms")
  • Co-financing declaration(s)
  • Financing plan (see under "Forms")
  • Evaluation overview (see under "Forms")


Status: 21.09.2022

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