AIDS prevention and psychosocial AIDS counseling centers; application for funding

The Free State of Bavaria grants subsidies for the expenses of the psychosocial AIDS counseling centers and for projects to prevent the immunodeficiency disease AIDS. In addition, further training measures for specialist staff and volunteers in AIDS work are funded.



Appropriate measures are to be taken to inform the population about the dangers of the immunodeficiency disease AIDS, about ways of infection and about how to avoid infection with the HI virus. High-risk groups are to be given special attention.

Appropriate information is to prevent stigmatization and exclusion of those affected.


Funding is provided for psychosocial AIDS counseling centers as well as targeted projects for the prevention of the immunodeficiency disease AIDS and advanced training measures for specialized personnel and volunteers in AIDS work.

Recipients of funding

Eligible to apply are the associations of voluntary welfare organizations and their affiliated organizations, as far as they are responsible for psychosocial AIDS counseling centers, as well as other institutions, as far as they are responsible for projects and measures.

Eligible expenses

Depending on the object of the funding, personnel and/or material expenses are eligible for funding.

Type and scope

Within the framework of project funding, grants are awarded in the form of fixed-amount funding (funding lump sums) or grants in the form of share funding, depending on the object of the funding.

For projects on the prevention of the immunodeficiency disease AIDS, the grant amounts to up to 80% of the eligible expenses.

The executing agency must provide a contribution of its own as stipulated by budgetary law.


Essential funding requirements:

  • Psychosocial AIDS counseling centers must perform the tasks described in the framework concept for the guideline on the promotion of psychosocial AIDS counseling centers and the prevention of the immunodeficiency disease AIDS and fulfill the organizational requirements and provide the necessary personnel.
  • Other prevention measures and projects can be funded if there is a significant need for the planned measure and the prevention goals cannot be achieved in any other way.



Applications must be submitted to the government responsible for the measure location.


The governments are responsible for approval. The governments submit applications for initial funding to the State Ministry for Health and Care for a decision after checking the basic eligibility for funding. The approval period is the calendar year.

Special notes

Funding is provided without legal entitlement within the limits of the available budget.


Applications for initial funding under the guideline for the funding of psychosocial AIDS counseling centers and the prevention of the immunodeficiency disease AIDS can be submitted at any time during the period of validity of the guideline (01.01.2022-31.12.2024).

Funding applications for the continuation of already existing measures and projects (follow-up applications) must be submitted to the responsible government by October 1 of the year preceding the funding period applied for.

Required documents

  • where appropriate, an informal declaration by partners in the action on the nature and extent of their participation


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