Extended Realities; applying for a grant

The Free State of Bavaria supports the development of XR formats that are particularly innovative and of high quality in terms of content. To strengthen the media location, the program supports the presentation of XR projects developed in Bavaria at selected festivals and conferences.


In order to strengthen the creative potential of the film and media industry as well as media art in Bavaria and to develop a diverse media, art and cultural landscape in Bavaria with immersive content, developers and producers, filmmakers and artists are to be given the opportunity to break new innovative and creative ground with XR applications while maintaining special quality. This is intended to contribute to strengthening the digital cultural and audiovisual sector in Europe.

The Extended Realities (XR) designation includes immersive content for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) and immersive sound projects.

To date, FFF Bayern has already supported virtual reality projects as part of its games funding and also narrative and 360-degree content produced with or without the involvement of a broadcaster/platform in Bavaria. These opportunities will continue to exist in the future: 360-degree films and narrative VR formats as well as digital games will still be funded under the established funding programs. What is new about XR funding are the extended levels of reality in addition to pure VR and its content, as well as additional aspects. The projects can also be interactive (see also "Related Links").


The application must be submitted in writing to FFF Bayern GmbH. Applications received in due time and form with the prospect of a positive funding decision will be invited to a pitch. After a positive decision by the independent awarding committee, a funding agreement is concluded with LfA Förderbank Bayern.

The application for funding of the presentation at international conferences and festivals has the invitation by the festival or conference as a prerequisite and is applied for informally.


Submission for funding is always possible only during the respective submission period. This usually lasts two weeks and ends on its last day at 6:00 pm. As this is a cut-off deadline, even slightly late applications can no longer be included on the agenda of the award committee meeting. It is therefore strongly recommended that applications be submitted to FFF Bayern no later than the penultimate day of the submission deadline. The submission deadlines of the FFF Bayern are published on the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern website and must be adhered to (see "Further links").

Submission for funding of presentation at festivals and conferences is possible on an ongoing basis.

Processing time

usually five weeks

Required documents

  • pitch deck

  • Calculation

  • Financing plan

  • Proof of required rights

  • Further documents depend on the respective funding area



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