Environmental management system; application for funding

With the Bavarian Environmental Management and Audit Programme (BUMAP), the Free State of Bavaria supports companies with headquarters or branches in Bavaria that are organized in project groups and want to introduce an environmental management system as part of the Bavarian Environmental Pact.



Funding is provided exclusively within the framework of project groups (minimum 5 to maximum 15 participants). The project sponsor and the individual project group participants are eligible to apply. Project sponsors can be companies, business organizations, such as chambers, associations or guilds, and municipalities. Consultancies are excluded from project sponsorship.

Project group participants are commercial enterprises, freelancers, business organizations, such as chambers, associations or guilds, or municipal enterprises and municipal companies based or established in Bavaria.

A project sponsor organizes the project group, in particular group consultations - possibly also in combination with individual consultations on site - on one of the following focal points:

  • Environmental management system according to EMAS
  • Environmental management system according to ISO 14001
  • Environmental management in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Association of Environmentally Conscious Companies (QuB)
  • Environmental management according to the specifications of the Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology (ÖKOPROFIT)

The introduction of resource management can be promoted in the course of the introduction or in the course of an existing environmental management system in accordance with EMAS, ISO 14001, QuB or ÖKOPROFIT.


The application for a grant must be submitted in writing to the granting authority, the Government of Swabia, together with the required documents.

Government of Swabia
SG 55.1
Fronhof 10
86152 Augsburg

The application documents and proof of use can also be submitted electronically.

In the case of electronic submission, the project sponsor and project group participants must

  • have a BayernID account in the "user name / password" variant(for registration),
  • download the form "BUMAP - Application for Grant" (see under "Forms"), fill it out, print it out, sign it, scan it and
  • then send it to the government of Swabia together with the required documents via the online procedure (see link under "Online procedure").

If you have any questions in connection with BUMAP, please contact the Swabian government on 0821 327 2240 or by e-mail at BUMAP@reg-schw.bayern.de.

Required documents

  • Application (for forms, see "Forms")

    • Project executing agency
      • Application for the granting of funds
      • Declaration of project sponsor
      • List of participants
      • Declaration de minimis
    • Project group participants
      • Application for the granting of funds
      • Declaration de minimis

  • Proof of use - disbursement of funds (for forms, see "Forms")

    • Project sponsor
      • Declaration on proof of use (project executing agency)
      • Proof of consulting time (project executing organization)
    • Project group participants
      • Declaration on proof of use (project group participant)
      • Proof of consulting time (project group participant)


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Online procedures


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