German Screenplay Award; submission of a proposal for a screenplay

Submit your screenplay proposed for the German Screenplay Award



Proposals for an award may be submitted by:

  • Film funding bodies of the federal states
  • German Federal Film Board (FFA)
  • Board of Trustees for Young German Film
  • Drama Department of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM)
  • Association of German Screenwriters e.V. (VDD)
  • Association of German Stage and Media Publishers e.V. (VDB)
  • Association for Film and Television Dramaturgy e.V. (VeDRA)
  • Association of Agencies for Film, Television and Theatre e.V. (VdA)

Further requirements:

  • the screenplay must have been completed in the two calendar years preceding the awarding of the prize
  • filming of the screenplay may not begin before the year in which the prize is awarded
  • the screenplay must not have been nominated for the German Screenplay Award in the past
  • the screenplay must be allowed to be shown to the jury
  • the author must have his/her permanent residence in Germany
  • the screenplay must be written in the German language
  • only screenplays for feature films can be submitted


You must submit your screenplay for the German Screenplay Award in writing and by e-mail to the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).

  • The specialist department K 35 at the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media requests proposals for the German Screenplay Award from the institutions entitled to do so.
  • On the basis of the proposals submitted, you will receive a letter from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media inviting you to take part in the procedure.
  • Compile all the necessary documents.
  • Send a single copy of the written documents by post (not with a firm ring or glue binding) to Film Department K 35 at the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.
  • Send the documents additionally as separate PDF documents by e-mail to the BKM(
  • The jury of the German Screenplay Award will deliberate on the submitted book proposals. The BKM decides on the awards based on the jury's suggestions.
  • The announcement of the nominations will be made via a press release as well as by post.
  • You will then receive a postal invitation to the award ceremony.
  • The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media will announce the winner at an award ceremony in February.
  • During the award ceremony, the author of the screenplay will receive the award.


  • Submission of screenplays by the beginning of July each year
  • Deadline will be announced in a letter from the BKM to the authors.

Processing time

  • for the processing of the proposal, approximately 7 months from the call for proposals in May to the awarding of the prize in February

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    For the application you have to submit:

    • Anonymized, most recent version of your screenplay with title page in German language version (without authorship information).
    • Anonymised information sheet, maximum two pages long, without information on authorship, consisting of
      • a short synopsis
      • an overview of the time and place of the action, and
      • a concise characterization of the protagonists
    • Separate document with
      • names,
      • contact details and
      • vita of the author,
      • if applicable, details of the production company
    • a signed copy of the information sheet sent to you by BKM


  • none


  • administrative claim


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