Wine law; application for registration of a vineyard name in the vineyard register

The site name designates the "birthplace" of the wine. All Bavarian vineyards that can be used as a permitted geographical designation of origin for quality wines are entered in the vineyard register. The site name may only be used if it is entered in the vineyard register.


For quality wines, Prädikat wines, quality liqueur wines psr. A., quality semi-sparkling wines psr. A. and sparkling wines p. A. may only be used as geographical designations of origin if they are registered in the vineyard register and the vineyards are located in one or more communes of the same wine-growing area.


The name of the vineyard must be traditional for the vineyard area belonging to the vineyard or registered in the land register or be based on such a name. The minimum size is 5 ha, which may be undercut in exceptional cases. It must be possible to produce equivalent wines of similar taste from the yields.


At least five copies of the informal application with all attachments (maps on a scale of 1 : 2,500 or 1 : 5,000) must be submitted to the municipality in which the site is wholly or mainly located. The municipality submits the application together with its statement directly to the Government of Lower Franconia, which makes a final decision on the application.

Special notes

The boundaries of the site to be registered or of the plots of land concerned shall be marked in colour.


The application is not bound by any time limit.

Processing time

In individual cases, processing can take up to several months.

Required documents

  • Section of cadastral map on a scale of 1 : 2,500 or 1 : 5,000

    (at least 5-fold)

  • Opinion of the municipality


  • 10 to 500 euros depending on the size of the site and administrative costs for registration


Objection and administrative court action

Status: 14.09.2021

Responsible for editing: Regierung von Unterfranken

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