Customs information; receipt

If you have general questions about all areas of customs and excise law, motor vehicle tax and financial control of undeclared work or questions about online customs applications, you can obtain information from the central information desk of the customs administration.



There are no prerequisites.


You can submit your inquiry regarding customs or tax issues in the following ways:

  • by telephone,
  • by e-mail,
  • via chatbot or
  • in writing, for example by mail.

General inquiries from private individuals and companies on all areas of customs and excise law as well as on the Financial Control of Clandestine Employment are answered by the Central Customs Information Office.

The Customs Service Desk answers questions about using Customs' online applications.

General questions about motor vehicle tax are answered by the Central Vehicle Tax Information Service. Upon request by e-mail or telephone, they can also reactivate a suspended SEPA direct debit.



Processing time

For telephone inquiries, the hotline of the Central Information Office of the Customs Administration usually provides information immediately. The chatbots also provide information immediately. Written inquiries are usually processed within a few working days.

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    You do not need to submit any documents.


  • none


The Central Information Office of the General Directorate of Customs does not process appeals. Inquiries with corresponding content are forwarded to the competent office.


Responsible for editing:Bundesministerium der Finanzen

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