Foreign VAT identification number; confirmation of validity

If you want to trade in goods and services within the EU, you must apply for a VAT identification number.



The right to query are:

  • Owner with a valid German VAT ID. Or
  • Warehousekeepers within the meaning of the Vat Act


You can carry out the simple and qualified query on the website of the Federal Central Office for Taxation, by e-mail, by telephone, by post, by fax, electronically by interface (XML-RPC standard).


  • Go to the electronic form on the page of the Federal Central Tax Office and follow the instructions.
  • The result is displayed directly to you.
  • If you want a written notification (official confirmation notice), you must click on the appropriate field.
  • You can back up the result of your simple and qualified query by screenshot on your computer.

By post, phone or fax:

  • The simple and qualified query can be done by post, telephone, fax or e-mail.
  • You will receive the answer in writing.

By interface:

  • The so-called XML-RPC interface gives companies the opportunity to check foreign VAT ID. into our own software systems and VAT-IdNr. automated queries.
  • The integration of the XML-RPC interface must be carried out by the company on its own initiative and requires appropriate programming knowledge.
  • The Federal Central Tax Office cannot provide any assistance or assistance in this regard.



Processing time

Immediately (if necessary mail run)

Required documents

  • Required Documents


Online procedures


  • No


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If you select a location under "Localization" the contact details of the responsible authority and, if applicable, locally valid information will be displayed.