Common Reporting Standard; notification of missing self-disclosure.

You do not have a self-disclosure of your new customer for the Common Reporting Standard? After the deadline has passed, you as the financial institution subject to the reporting obligation are obliged to report the absence of the self-disclosure.



As a reporting German financial institution, you are required to obtain self-disclosure from your customers. Reporting German financial institutions include:

  • financial institutions located in Germany (but not their branches abroad)
  • Branches located in Germany of a financial institution located abroad


Online via the BZStOnline Portal (BOP):

  • You will need a BOP or Elster certificate to submit via BOP. If you do not have a certificate, proceed as follows:
    • Call up the "Registration of the data sender for the electronic transmission of data" online via the website of the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) and register for the CRS procedure. The CRS Communication Manual Part 1 explains the registration process to you
    • Complete the application online and submit it to the BZSt.
  • Call up the BOP and log in with your user data.
  • Via the menu items "Forms" - "All forms" - "Other forms" you will reach the menu item "Document submission".
  • Select the subitem "Submission of documents for an application".
  • On the following form pages, provide information about your financial institution and the account for which the self-disclosure is missing.
    • The CRS Part 5 Communications Manual will guide you through filling out the form correctly. You will find a link to the manual in the "Further information" field.
  • In the Attachments section, upload the form you filled out, "Notification of missing self-disclosure", as a PDF. Multiple forms can be attached as attachments.
  • Submit the online form. You will receive an automatic submission confirmation.

By mail:

  • Go to the BZSt website and open the form "Notification of missing self-disclosure" (Word document).
  • Fill out the form completely.
  • Send it by mail to the BZSt, Unit St I A 2 / Common Reporting Standard.
  • Every six months, you will receive a cumulative confirmation of receipt of all applications received up to that point.

Special notes

There are no clues or specifics.


If no valid self-disclosure can be obtained within 90 days of the account being opened or if the self-disclosure cannot be checked for plausibility, the notification must be submitted without delay. No objection will be raised if the notification is submitted within one month of the expiry of the 90-day period.

Processing time

This is a pure notification obligation. Therefore, there is no processing time.

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    • Vordruck „Meldung bei fehlender Selbstauskunft“

Online procedures

  • BZSt-Online-Portal

    Among other things, you can complete applications and registrations online via the portal of the Federal Tax Office.


  • There are no costs involved.


This is purely a notification obligation. As a direct consequence, no administrative act is issued, so that no legal remedy is required. If necessary, an audit of the reporting financial institutions can be initiated by submitting the report. It is possible to lodge an appeal against the audit order.


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