Environmental statistics; transmission of data by enterprises

Under certain conditions, they must transmit data related to environmental protection and resource conservation to the Federal Statistical Office upon request.



You are an expert organization that inspects facilities handling substances hazardous to water or your company falls into one of the following categories:

  • Mining
  • Extraction of stones and earths
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Energy and water supply
  • Sewage and waste disposal, as well as the removal of environmental pollution.

In addition, your company must have at least 50 employees to be eligible for current expenses.


If your company or expert organization has been selected, submit your data as follows:

  • You will receive a letter requesting you to submit your data to the Federal Statistical Office.
  • You can find out which information is required in your case in the letter.
  • Log in to the survey portal of the federal and state statistical offices:. Follow the respective instructions to use the reporting procedure that suits you:
    • IDEV: Submit data using online electronic forms. IDEV supports you to reduce your effort.
      • You received the access data for IDEV with your letter.
    • eSTATISTIK.CORE: Compile the data electronically in your respective software system in an automated way.
      • As a rule, you can check the data on the screen before transmission. Then transmit the data as a data package (XML file) to the Federal Statistical Office via the eSTATISTIK.CORE online portal.
      • You may have to register once to use the eSTATISTIK.CORE online portal.
      • If necessary, the Federal Statistical Office will ask you to complete your data.

You will receive an automated confirmation that your data has been submitted.

If you have any queries about your report, you will be contacted by the relevant department.

Special notes

There are no clues or specifics.


If you have been selected and are required to submit data, the deadlines specified in the notice will apply to you.

Processing time

The Federal Statistical Office will confirm the transmission of your data without delay.

Depending on the size and range of topics of the institution, it usually takes between 5 minutes and 1 hour to process the questionnaire or to enter or submit the data.

For the survey of current expenditures for environmental protection, the processing of the IDEV questionnaire for a report usually takes between 5 and 60 minutes.

For the survey of installations handling substances hazardous to water that are subject to inspection, the processing of the IDEV questionnaire for a report usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes. Submitting the data with eSTATISTIK.CORE takes about 5 minutes.

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    You do not need to submit any other documents.

Online procedures


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  • Appeal.
    Detailed information on how to lodge an appeal can be found in the summons.
  • Administrative court action


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