Inclusion of severely disabled persons; registration for training and continuing education measures for persons of trust

The Inclusion Office carries out training and further education measures for representatives of the severely disabled, works councils, staff councils and employers' representatives. It provides information about the concerns and problems of severely disabled people in working life.


The Inclusion Office at the Center for Bavarian Family and Social Affairs (ZBFS) trains representatives of severely disabled people, employer representatives and works and staff councils in specially designed events. The aim is to impart the specialist knowledge and skills needed in companies to employ severely disabled people in a way that is suitable for their disabilities. In addition, the Inclusion Office informs the general public about the professional situation of people with disabilities.


The Inclusion Office designs a special training and continuing education program, especially for representatives of the severely disabled, employer representatives, and works or staff councils.

Online procedures

  • Integrationsamt - Kurse online buchen

    Representatives of severely disabled persons, works and staff councils, employers and their inclusion representatives can book the courses of the Centre Bavaria Family and Social Affairs - Inclusion Office online.


  • No course fees: The costs of room and board incurred for courses lasting several days are usually covered by the employer.


(optional) opposition procedure

Status: 16.03.2022

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