Vocational training for farmers; application for recognition as a training center

You can apply to the responsible government for an assessment of the suitability of a training center for farmers.



Recognition in accordance with Section 27 (3) and (4) of the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) is granted if the following operational requirements are met:

  • The training facility must be an agricultural enterprise which, in terms of its facilities, its state of cultivation and the scope of the individual branches of the enterprise, offers the prerequisites for the trainee to be taught the skills, knowledge and abilities required in the Ordinance on Vocational Training for Farmers of January 31, 1995 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 168). Continuous guidance must be guaranteed.
  • The training center must be managed according to business management principles. The economic results must be recorded in accordance with accounting principles. The buildings, structural facilities and technical equipment must meet the requirements for the selected business sectors.
  • The indoor and outdoor production facilities must be in proper condition. It must be ensured that the necessary operating resources, in particular equipment and machinery, are available for training. Furthermore, the technical facilities for their maintenance, care and simple repair must be available and in proper condition.
  • Trainers must display or hand out a copy of the Ordinance on Vocational Training for Farmers and the examination regulations in a suitable place on the farm for inspection. The trainee should be provided with specialist literature that is conducive to in-company training. Insofar as collectively agreed regulations apply to the training company, these must be made available for inspection in the company.
  • The training company must ensure that the provisions of the Youth Employment Protection Act, the Maternity Protection Act, the accident prevention regulations and other regulations for the protection of the trainee can be complied with. If the person providing training has taken a trainee into his or her home, he or she must provide him or her with accommodation that is modern and well equipped.
  • A company is unsuitable as a training facility if bankruptcy or composition proceedings have been initiated against the owner's assets.
  • The training facility should be a full-time farm and at least four times the minimum size pursuant to Section 1 (2) of the Act on Old-Age Insurance for Farmers of July 29, 1994 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1890, 1891).


Companies interested in recognition as a training center are requested to contact the local Office for Food, Agriculture and Forestry or Department 61 of the responsible government by telephone or e-mail in advance.

You will receive a compilation of the required documents and the application form from the responsible government after a consultation.

The application can only be finally processed once all the necessary documents have been submitted.


The application must be submitted in good time before the start of the first vocational training relationship.

Processing time

Final processing of the application can only take place after all necessary documents have been submitted.

Required documents

  • You will receive a compilation of the required documents from the responsible government after a consultation.

    You will receive a compilation of the required documents and the forms for recognition after a consultation with the responsible government.


  • Administration fee: EUR 100


Objection, administrative court action


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