Social security; deregistration of an employee

When an employee leaves your company, you must report the end of employment to the Social Security Administration.





Depending on whether you perform payroll accounting in-house or have outsourced it, you can prepare the deregistration yourself or have it prepared by your external service provider (tax consultant, payroll office, service computer center).

  • If you use a system-checked payroll program, you can submit the notification from this program with the notification reason "30" (end of employment).
  • If you do not use a system-checked payroll program, you can submit the declaration using a system-checked completion aid such as "".
  • If you use "", proceed as follows:
    • Register as a new user if you have not already done so.
    • Log in with your login data and your company number.
    • Under "Forms" select the tile "SI declaration" and there the form "Deregistration". Select the item "30 End of employment".
    • Fill in the form. All fields are provided with help texts. A manual is also available.
    • Submit the deregistration by pressing a button.
    • Messages and feedback can be found in your mailbox.
    • Save the message or print it out and take it with you to the remuneration documents.

Special notes

  • Minijobs in private households are deregistered differently. To do this, you must use the household check procedure at the Minijob-Zentrale.
  • If you do not deregister employees, or if you do not deregister them correctly or in good time, you are acting irregularly and must expect a fine of up to EUR 25,000.


Submit deregistration: with the next pay slip, at the latest 6 weeks after the end of the employment relationship.

Processing time

Acceptance and processing of the transmitted data: within approximately 15 minutes

Required documents

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Online procedures


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