Company number; application

As an employer, you must register your employees for social insurance. To do this, you need a company number.


As soon as you employ the first person who is subject to compulsory insurance, you must apply for a company number for the company where the person is employed.

The company number is usually assigned by the Federal Employment Agency upon electronic application. A customer data record is created for you in which your company master data is registered. Based on the company number, the social insurance agencies can then assign the notifications to the health, pension and unemployment insurance to your employment company.

One or more company numbers?

  • If you are an employer of a company with only one location, you only need one company number.
  • You will need several establishment numbers if you have establishments in several municipalities.
  • You also need several company numbers if you are the owner of several companies in the same municipality, each of which is an independent economic unit.

Headquarters abroad

If you are an employer based abroad, you may need a company number - if you have to report workers employed in Germany to the German social security system. This could be, for example, sales employees or customer service representatives in a home office.

Special rules for private households, miners and maritime companies

  • You want to employ someone in your private household on a marginal scale (mini-job): Please contact the Minijob-Zentrale of the German Pension Insurance Knappschaft-Bahn-See.
  • You are a miners' company (extraction of minerals, e.g. coal), use employees in a miners' company or employ workers who perform miners' work in mines or are used for rehabilitation work in opencast mines: Please contact the German Pension Insurance Knappschaft-Bahn-See.
  • You are a maritime worker (including coastal fishermen and coastal skippers): Please contact the German Pension Insurance Knappschaft-Bahn-See.


You hire an employee subject to compulsory insurance for the first time in the relevant company of employment.


Please apply for your company number electronically. You can submit the application yourself or commission someone else to do so, for example a tax advisor.

  • Call up the online application on the website of the Federal Employment Agency.
  • Answer the initial questions in the selection fields and follow the online form through the rest of the application process.
  • In most cases, the company number will be assigned and displayed immediately.
  • In addition, the employer will receive a postal confirmation of the establishment number and master data stored.

Note: If there are changes in the master data or if the business closes, you must notify the Federal Employment Agency electronically without delay. Your payroll accounting software usually automatically triggers a relevant notification to the Federal Employment Agency as soon as you enter the relevant changes in the master data there.

Special notes

Please always use the company number of the company in which the employee is actually working in the social insurance reports. If there are any changes to the master company data provided when the application was submitted, please send the correct information to the Federal Employment Agency electronically without delay. Incorrect use of the company number or late notification or failure to notify changes may constitute an administrative offense.


As a rule: As an employer, you must report employment subject to compulsory insurance within 6 weeks of commencement. At the latest then you need a company number. Special rule for companies subject to immediate registration: If your company belongs to one of the following industries, you need the company number for registration at the latest when the first employee starts work: Construction industry Restaurants and accommodation industry Passenger transport industry Forwarding, transport and related logistics industry Showman industry Forestry industry Building cleaning industry Companies involved in the construction and dismantling of trade fairs and exhibitions Meat industry Prostitution industry Security industry

Processing time

In most cases, the company number is displayed immediately when you apply electronically.

Required documents

  • Erforderliche Unterlage/n

    Folgende Mindestangaben müssen Sie leisten:

    • die Bezeichnung, die der Beschäftigungsbetrieb im Rechtsverkehr führt, einschließlich eventuell vorhandener Rechtsformzusätze,
    • Einzelfirma / Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts: der Vor- und Zuname der Inhaberin oder des Inhabers beziehungsweise der Gesellschafterinnen oder der Gesellschafter,
    • nicht ins Handelsregister eingetragenes Einzelunternehmen: Vor- und Zuname der Arbeitgeberin beziehungsweise des Arbeitgebers,
    • Privathaushalt: Vor- und Zuname des Haushaltsvorstandes,
    • die Beschäftigungsanschrift, also die aktuelle Adresse des Beschäftigungsbetriebes, unter der die Beschäftigten tatsächlich tätig sind,
    • bei Bedarf eine abweichende Anschrift, die für die Postzustellung genutzt werden soll,
    • zusätzliche Kommunikationswege wie Telefonnummer, Fax oder E-Mail-Adresse,
    • wirtschaftlicher Schwerpunkt des Beschäftigungsbetriebes,
    • Ansprechpartner (Name, Funktion, Telefonnummer) für Rückfragen zum Meldeverfahren - dies können auch Kontaktdaten eines beauftragten Dienstleisters, zum Beispiel einer Steuerberatung, sein,
    • sofern innerhalb des Unternehmens ein anderer Beschäftigungsbetrieb die Beschäftigten zur Sozialversicherung meldet: die Bezeichnung, Anschrift und Betriebsnummer dieser Stelle.

    In der Regel benötigt der Betriebsnummern-Service der Bundesagentur für Arbeit aber keine schriftlichen Nachweise, um Ihren Antrag zu bearbeiten.

Online procedures

  • Betriebsnummer online beantragen

    As part of the automated registration procedure for social insurance, the company number serves as an identification feature for companies. A form service with question wizards and help is available for the application for a company number.


  • Fee: none


not applicable

Status: 16.09.2022

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