Human resources - An- und Abmeldung von Beschäftigten

Falls Sie Personal beschäftigen, müssen Sie es an- und abmelden, z. B. bei der Sozialversicherung.


Here you will find information about formalities related to this subject:

  • Company number; application

    When hiring the first employee (450-euro employees, employees subject to social insurance contributions, trainees), you must apply for a company number from the company number service of the Federal Employment Agency. The company number is required, among other things, for the monthly settlements of social contributions.

  • Minimum wage; registration of employees

    If you are an employer based abroad and employ people in Germany, you must register them via the Minimum Wage Reporting Portal. The same applies if you borrow temporary workers from a lender based abroad.

  • Undeclared work; information on combating it

    Undeclared work distorts competition, endangers the existence of small and medium-sized enterprises and destroys jobs. Public coffers suffer considerable losses in taxes and social security contributions.

  • Social security; registration of employees
    Employees who are compulsorily insured under the statutory social insurance scheme must be registered with the competent health insurance fund as the collecting agency.
  • Accident insurance; registration by the employer
    If you are taking on employees for the first time, you must notify the statutory accident insurance institution responsible for your company within one week.

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