Employee leasing; application for permission

If you want to lend employees to a third party, you need a permit to do so.


Employee leasing is also referred to as temporary or loaned work. You need a permit for this. To obtain this, you must submit an application to the relevant employment agency.

The permit is issued by the Employment Agency for a limited period of one year. It can be issued for an unlimited period if you have been permitted to work for 3 consecutive years.

When hiring out employees, you must ensure, among other things, that

  • the principle of equality and relevant collective agreements are correctly applied,
  • the maximum period of temporary employment is not exceeded,
  • temporary workers are paid correctly, in line with the work they actually perform,
  • the applicable minimum wages and reimbursement of expenses are paid, and
  • the provisions of the Part-Time Work and Fixed-Term Employment Act are complied with,
  • Remuneration and benefits in lieu of remuneration as well as vacation and vacation compensation are granted correctly.
  • temporary workers are also remunerated during periods when they are not on loan to third parties,
  • wage tax and contributions to all branches of social insurance are correctly paid.

The Employment Agency regularly monitors whether you are complying with the legal requirements and whether temporary employment is being carried out properly by means of company audits.


  • You have the required reliability according to the trade law.
  • In your case, there are no reasons that speak against a permit. These can be, for example, relevant criminal records, violations of social security regulations or labor law obligations.
  • The employee leasing takes place from a company, part of a company or an ancillary company located in Germany or in another state of the European Union or the European Economic Area.


You can apply for a permit to hire out employees in writing or online in eService at the Employment Agency:

Online application:

  • Download the form "Antrag auf Erlaubnis zur Arbeitnehmerüberlassung (AÜG 2a)" from the website of the Employment Agency. The documents are barrier-free and can be filled out using a PC.
  • Save the documents.
  • Fill out the form.
  • You do not need a scanned signature on the application form.
  • Upload the completed forms / completed form via the upload service. Do the same with the other documents. You can also use the upload service to submit additional documents if you have already submitted the application for a temporary employment permit.
  • Before submitting the application, you must identify yourself by means of an electronic ID card or electronic residence permit.
  • You will receive a fee notice together with the decision on your application for the transfer of the applicable fees.
  • In the eService of the Federal Employment Agency, you have the option of using a so-called "e-payment" function to display the transfer data (for example, IBAN and reason for payment) and copy it into your own transfer program.
  • If you successfully submit the application online and have identified yourself with your electronic ID card or electronic residence permit, it is not necessary to additionally send the documents to the Employment Agency by mail. The Employment Agency will review your application. If necessary, you will be asked to submit additional or missing documents.
  • If you agree, you can retrieve your decision and the certificate for the permit for employee leasing in the eService. A duplicate will be mailed to you.

Submitting an application by mail:

  • You can also send the application by mail to the relevant employment agency. The application must be in writing, i.e. it must be signed by an authorized representative. Print out the form and sign it.
  • Submit the completed and signed form together with the attachment to the relevant employment agency. You can find out which employment agency is responsible for you on the form. There you will also find the postal addresses of the responsible offices to which you must send the form.
  • You will be asked to pay a fee by mail.

Special notes

In the eService of the Federal Employment Agency, it is possible to display the transfer data (e.g. IBAN and reason for payment) within the framework of a so-called "e-payment" function and to copy this data into your own transfer program.

Processing time

0 to 3 months

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    • Antrag auf Erlaubnis zur Arbeitnehmerüberlassung (AÜG 2a)
    • Chronologischer Handelsregisterauszug
    • Kopie des Gesellschaftsvertrages und der Gesellschafterliste
    • Kopie der Gewerbeanmeldung
    • Angaben Baubetrieb (AÜG 2c)
    • Führungszeugnis zur Vorlage bei Behörden (Belegart O) für die vertretungsberechtigte/n Person/en Ihres Unternehmens
    • Auskunft aus dem Gewerbezentralregister für die vertretungsberechtige/n Person/en (GZR 3) sowie für Ihr Unternehmen (GZR 4)
    • Bescheinigung der zuständigen Berufsgenossenschaft
    • Bescheinigung der Krankenkasse über mindestens die Hälfe Ihrer Arbeitnehmerinnen und Arbeitnehmer
    • Nachweis über liquide Mittel über 2.000 EUR pro (geplanter/m) Leiharbeiternehmerin und Leiharbeiter
    • Muster eines Arbeitsvertrages für Leiharbeitnehmerinnen/Leiharbeitnehmer
    • Muster eines Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsvertrages
    • Für die erstmalige Beantragung einer Erlaubnis reichen Sie bitte eine Übersicht über den Werdegang / Lebenslauf der vertretungsberechtigte/n Personen ein
    • Vollmacht für die Antragstellung, sofern diese nicht von einer durch Gesetz, Satzung oder Gesellschaftsvertrag (zum Beispiel Geschäftsführer, Prokurist) vertretungsberechtigten Person erfolgt

Online procedures


  • 218 - 2060 EUR


  • Appeal. You will find further information on how to lodge an appeal in the notification of your claim.
  • Action before the social court

Status: 03.01.2023

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