Work and commuting accident; Report

If a work accident occurs at your company or institution, you must report it.



  • Work accidents or accidents while travelling to or from work, as a result of which the injured person is expected to be unfit for work for more than 3 days
  • Accidents involving pupils or students or accidents at nurseries that require medical treatment


You can report a work accident or an accident while travelling to or from work online.

  • Complete the online form by answering the questions contained therein relating to the accident. If possible, you should have details about your competent accident insurance provider and your membership number ready. This will speed up the process for forwarding your report to the right accident insurance provider.
  • Your report will be processed as soon as your online form is received. Once you have completed the web form, you will receive a copy of the accident report for download and the contact details of your accident insurance provider.
  • The statutory accident insurance fund or the accident insurance office will then automatically check which services are to be provided. You will not need to submit a further application for this purpose.

Note: The injured person should consult an accident insurance consultant following the work accident. These consultants have specialist knowledge and experience in the field of accident and emergency medicine. Immediate medical assistance is of course crucial in an emergency and can be obtained from any doctor.

Special notes



Filing of the report within 3 days after knowledge of the accident.

Processing time


Required documents

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Online procedures


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  • Appeal
  • Detailed information on how to lodge an appeal can be found in the notification from your employers' liability insurance association or accident insurance fund.


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