Farrier; application for the determination of the equivalence of the professional qualification

You can have the equivalence of an examination certificate obtained outside the scope of the Farriery Act or abroad and its consideration for state recognition as a farrier confirmed.



1. equalization of an examination certificate according to § 2 Abs. 2 HufBeschl-AnerkennV

  • You have an examination certificate from abroad which is listed in Annex 1 to § 2 Para. 2 HufBeschl-AnerkennV and
  • can prove that they have attended a regulated and relevant training course of at least two years.

2. equivalency of an examination certificate according to § 2 para. 4 HufBeschl-AnerkennV (if applicable in conjunction with § 2 para. 5, § 2 para. 6 HufBeschl-AnerkennV)

  • You have an examination certificate or a professional qualification from abroad (e.g. certificates/professional qualifications recognized by the European Federation of Farriers' Associations (EFFA)) and
  • can prove that this qualification entitles you to take up and practice the profession of farrier or apprentice farrier in your country of origin, and
  • it has been determined in an equivalency assessment conducted by the competent authority that the skills, knowledge and abilities demonstrated by the documents submitted are equivalent.


In the case of the farrier, the goal of an equalization of a degree is a subsequent state recognition. Basically, a distinction must be made between two successive steps:

  1. Equating examination certificates obtained outside the scope of the German Farriery Act or abroad with examination certificates according to the German Farriery Ordinance and taking them into account for state recognition.
  2. Recognition as a state-certified farrier with a positive decision on the equivalence of examination certificates obtained abroad.

In principle, both applications can be submitted separately. For reasons of administrative economy and cost, however, it is advisable for applicants to apply simultaneously to the competent authority for a determination of the equivalence of their qualification and for state recognition as a farrier.



Processing time

The competent authority shall confirm receipt of the documents to the applicant within one month, indicating whether any documents are missing for the decision.

No later than three months after submission of the complete documents, a decision on the equivalence of the examination certificate and the state recognition must have been issued. This period may be extended by one month in justified cases that are particularly difficult to assess. If there is any doubt as to the authenticity of the certificates and training certificates submitted or as to the rights conferred thereby, the competent authority or body in the country of origin may verify the authenticity or the rights conferred thereby; the expiry of the time limit is suspended for that period.

Depending on the difficulty of the case, the processing of an application usually takes between 1 and 3 months, in particularly difficult cases up to 4 months.

Required documents

  • The following documents are required for state recognition after the examination certificate has been equated:

    • Notice on the equivalence of an examination certificate not acquired within the scope of the German Farriery Act or acquired abroad with the examination certificates in accordance with the German Farriery Ordinance (Hufbeschlagverordnung)
    • if the determination of equivalence and the state recognition as a farrier are applied for at the same time: Presentation of the examination certificate to be equated
    • Extended certificate of good conduct
    • a confirmation of the country in which the examination certificate was acquired, which shows that the person submitting the application has not been guilty of any offences against animal welfare.
      Serves as proof of the required reliability for the exercise of the profession.


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  • Prefillable Form, Bavaria-wide: Formloser Antrag (ohne Unterschrift)
    Please note

    This form requires no signature. You can sent it electronically (e.g. by secure email or De-Mail) or as hardcopy to the responsible authority.


  • The charging of costs (fees and expenses) in connection with the implementation of an equivalency procedure and (or) recognition procedure is governed by the Cost Act (KG).

    If the equating of an examination certificate and (or) state recognition as a farrier should be possible according to the HufBeschl-AnerkennV, the fee framework is EUR 5 to EUR 25,000 (cf. Art. 6 Para. 1 Sentence 3 KG).

    When determining the fee within this fee framework, the administrative effort of all authorities and bodies involved in the official act and the importance of the matter for the parties involved are to be taken into account.

    If an application for the equivalence of an examination certificate and (or) the state recognition as a farrier is to be rejected, the fee to be set for the official act applied for (see above) may be reduced to one tenth.

    If an application is withdrawn or otherwise settled before the official action is completed, a fee of one tenth to three quarters of the fee to be set for the requested official action is to be charged, depending on the progress of the case, as well as expenses. The minimum fee shall be EUR 15, but not more than the fee provided for the official act (cf. Art. 8 (2) KG).

    The charging of expenses is governed by Art. 10 of the Cost Law. These may be incurred in particular in the case of a postal delivery order.


An (adverse) decision by the competent authority under state law on an application for equivalency of an examination certificate and (or) state recognition as a farrier can be appealed to the competent authority. In addition, the applicant has the option of filing a complaint with the locally competent administrative court.


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