Industrial-technical and commercial professions; application for recognition of a foreign qualification

You can apply for the recognition of an industrial-technical and commercial profession that is not regulated in Bavaria.


Certain industrial-technical and commercial professions are not regulated in Bavaria. Recognition of your qualification is not mandatory for taking up a job, but can be useful. You can apply for recognition at the Bavarian State Office for Schools.

The industrial-technical and commercial professions that are not regulated in Bavaria and for which the Bavarian State Office for Schools checks the equivalence of foreign professional qualifications can be found under "Further links".

In order to work in Bavaria in one of these professions, recognition of your foreign qualification is not mandatory.

It is often possible to take up a job without formal recognition of your foreign qualification. In principle, it is the respective employer who decides whether or not to hire you.

A recognition procedure can be useful in order to make your foreign qualification more transparent and better assessable for the employer.

In accordance with the Bavarian Vocational Qualifications Assessment Act (BayBQFG), you can apply for an equivalence assessment if you have successfully completed vocational training abroad.


You can apply for a determination of equivalence in accordance with the Bavarian Vocational Qualifications Determination Act (BayBQFG), provided that you have

  • have successfully completed vocational training abroad and
  • intend to work in Bavaria.

An application can be submitted regardless of citizenship and residence status.

Sufficient German language skills are also expected for the occupation.


You can submit the application for recognition of your foreign qualification in writing or electronically via the secure communication platform to the Certificate Recognition Office of the Bavarian State Office for Schools.

First, they will check whether your foreign qualification can be assigned to the reference occupation you specified. If necessary, the State Office for Schools will inform you which other office is responsible for you. In this case, you can withdraw the application free of charge.

Within the framework of the equivalence examination of your foreign qualification, the State Office for Schools will check in particular whether your foreign qualification qualifies you for comparable professional activities as evidenced by the corresponding Bavarian training certificate and whether there are significant differences between the foreign qualification and the corresponding Bavarian vocational training.

Evidence of relevant professional experience (from abroad or from Germany) and other proof of qualification (e.g. additional qualifications or further and advanced training) are also taken into account.

If no significant differences are found, the full equivalence of your foreign qualification can be determined.

If there are significant differences and at the same time comparable qualification contents, the existing qualifications as well as the differences to the Bavarian qualification will be described in the decision.

Special notes

Late repatriates can alternatively submit an application for the determination of equivalence in accordance with the Federal Expellees Act (BVFG).

In contrast to the procedure under the Bavarian Vocational Qualifications Assessment Act (BayBQFG), professional experience and/or further training cannot be taken into account in this free procedure.

Late repatriates can choose whether to submit an application in accordance with the BayBQFG or the Federal Expellees Act (BVFG).

If an application is submitted in accordance with BVFG, it must be accompanied by appropriate proof (Spätaussiedlerbescheinigung / ID card for displaced persons).



Processing time

The State Office for Schools will confirm receipt of your application within one month and, if necessary, inform you which documents need to be supplemented. If the documents are complete, the decision will be made within three months. In justified cases, this period may be reasonably extended.

Required documents

  • You must submit the following documents:

    • Signed application form
    • if applicable: decision on professional recognition (by another competent body)
    • For persons who are not nationals of the EU/EEA/Switzerland or whose place of residence is outside these states: Declaration of intention to work (e.g. proof of application for an entry visa for gainful employment, proof of contact with employer).
    • Proof of identity (identity card or passport)
    • if applicable: Proof of change of name (marriage certificate)
    • If applicable: Spätaussiedler certificate or certificate of displaced persons
    • Curriculum vitae in tabular form with detailed information on school education, vocational training, further training and professional experience
    • School-leaving certificate from the last general school attended (before entering vocational school) - with translation*.
    • Proof of foreign vocational qualification (diploma, examination certificate, diploma, etc.) - with translation*.
    • Supplementary documents on the vocational qualification (e.g. scope and main contents of the theoretical subjects taught / scope and main contents of the practical training / overview of subjects taught and number of teaching hours at the school (timetable)) - with translation*
    • if applicable: Diploma Supplement - with translation*
    • if applicable: Evidence of relevant professional experience in the learned profession (e.g. employer's references, workbooks, letters of reference)
    • where applicable: other evidence of qualifications (e.g. additional qualifications, further training, retraining).


    All the above educational certificates (including evidence of professional experience and certificates of competence) must be submitted in the original language and in translation into German by a publicly appointed or sworn translator.

    In principle, the submission of the above documents in the form of photocopies or in electronic form (pdf files) is sufficient; in certain cases, the submission of officially certified photocopies or originals is also required. You will be notified of this separately if necessary.


  • Form, Bavaria-wide: Antrag auf Gleichwertigkeitsfeststellung einer ausländischen beruflichen Qualifikation
    Please note

    This form has to be signed and sent to the responsible authority. You can sign the form manually and send it by email/fax or sign the form electronically with your qualified electronic signature an send it by (secure) email. If the responsible authority has set up a De-Mail account, you can also send the form by De-Mail using an sender-confirmed message.

    nach dem Bayerischen Berufsqualifikationsfeststellungsgesetz (BayBQFG) und nach dem Bundesvertriebenengesetz (BVFG)


  • The recognition procedure in accordance with the Bavarian Vocational Qualifications Assessment Act (BayBQFG) is subject to a fee.

    The Bavarian State Office for Schools charges a fee of between EUR 200.00 and EUR 600.00 plus expenses for carrying out the recognition procedure, depending on the effort involved.

    Additional costs, e.g. for translations and certifications, must be borne by you.

    Unemployed and job-seeking applicants should check with their relevant employment agencies or job centers before submitting an application to see whether the costs can be covered by the employment agency.

    The recognition procedure in accordance with the Federal Expellees Act (BVFG) (see Special Instructions) is free of charge.


An appeal (administrative court action) is permitted against the decision of the competent body. This allows you to take legal action against the decision so that it can be reviewed. Details on this can be found in the information on legal remedies at the end of your decision. However, you are advised to clarify the disputed issues with the responsible office before filing an appeal.

Status: 08.08.2022

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