Permanent residence-EU; application for permission

Foreigners from non-EU countries who have resided legally in Germany for a long time and have integrated themselves both economically and socially can, under certain conditions, be granted "Permission for Permanent Residence-EU".


The EU permanent residence permit is an unlimited residence title and serves to consolidate a foreigner's residence in Germany. It entitles the holder to employment as an employee or to self-employment in Germany.
In this respect, the EU permanent residence permit is equivalent to a "national" settlement permit (see "Related Topics").

On the other hand, the EU permanent residence permit is also the basis for obtaining a right of residence and permission to take up employment in another EU member state under simplified conditions. In this way, a third-country national also obtains a certain freedom of movement within the European Union. The holder of a "national" settlement permit, on the other hand, can only take advantage of the so-called Schengen freedom of travel in the member states of the European Union (stay only for visiting purposes for a maximum of 90 days per period of 180 days).

The conditions for issuance essentially correspond to those of the "national" settlement permit (see "Related Topics"). However, stricter requirements are imposed than for the "national" settlement permit, for example with regard to securing the livelihood of the foreigner and his or her dependents, whom he or she must support.

Excluded from the issuance of a permit for permanent residence-EU are:

  • Holders of some residence titles for humanitarian reasons, as well as foreigners who have applied for one.
  • Foreigners who have applied for humanitarian protection status in another member state, as long as a decision on this has not yet been made.
  • Diplomats
  • Persons staying in the territory for the purpose of studies or vocational training.


A foreigner is to be granted a permit for permanent residence in the EU if

  • he/she has been residing in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany with a residence permit for an uninterrupted period of five years,
  • his livelihood and that of his dependents, whom he has to support, is secured by fixed and regular income,
  • he has sufficient knowledge of the German language,
  • he has a basic knowledge of the legal and social order and of living conditions in the Federal Republic,
  • reasons of public safety or order, taking into account the severity or nature of the violation of public safety or order or the danger posed by the foreigner, are not opposed, taking into account the duration of previous residence and the existence of ties in the Federal territory, and
  • he/she has sufficient living space for him/herself and his/her family members living with him/her.



Required documents

  • If necessary, you may be required to produce additional documents

    The documents to be presented may vary greatly. Please find out more details from your competent Aliens Department (Ausländerbehörde). As a general rule, the documents listed above will be required (among others).

  • Valid passport

  • Current biometric photo (front shot)

  • Supporting documents evidencing guaranteed means of subsistence

  • Supporting documents evidencing adequate living quarters

  • Supporting documents evidencing medical insurance coverage

  • Supporting documents evidencing the completion of an integration course


  • 109 euros


Administrative court proceedings; information

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