Food personnel; registration for instruction in accordance with the Infection Protection Act

Before starting a commercial activity with food in the sense of § 42 para. 2 Infection Protection Act (IfSG) for the first time, an instruction by the health authorities or by the doctors appointed by them is required, § 43 para. 1 IfSG.


Anyone who has direct contact with certain foodstuffs within the meaning of Section 42 (2) of the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) in their job must observe special infection hygiene measures and precautions to ensure the safe handling of foodstuffs. Through instruction in accordance with § 43 para. 1 IfSG, you will learn the most important measures to minimize the risk of infection when working with food.

If you want to start certain activities on a professional or commercial basis where you produce, handle or market food, for example, or come into contact with it, or if you are employed in kitchens of restaurants and other establishments, then you need a current certificate of instruction in accordance with Section 43 (1) IfSG from the health office responsible for you, no older than three months, before you start work.

In some cities and districts, you can also take part in the instruction online. Following the online instruction, you will receive a certificate of successful participation after passing a short online test.


When using an online procedure:

  • PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone
  • stable internet connection
  • valid official identification documents with photo (from the age of 16)
  • activated camera or ID card with online ID function (or in future Smart-eID or BayernID registration)
  • Current account, credit card or online payment method


You take part in an online instruction at the health authority responsible for you. After a short online test following the online instruction, if you pass the test, you can download the certificate for instruction in accordance with Section 43 (1) of the Infection Protection Act or the certificate will be sent to you electronically.


You must participate in the instruction before starting the activity/employment.

Required documents

  • Valid official identification documents with photo (from the age of 16) or ID card with online ID function

    Identification must be made by means of an ID document or by means of an appropriate equivalent (e.g. a BayernID registration or Smart-eID).


  • The fee for the instruction is EUR 28.00 (item 3.1.6. of the Annex to the Ordinance on the User Fees of the Health Administration).


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