Occupational safety; application for an exception to the appointment of a company physician or occupational safety specialist

Employers may apply to the relevant trade supervisory office for the granting of an exemption when appointing company physicians and occupational safety specialists if the person to be appointed does not meet the legal requirements.


Employers are generally required to appoint company physicians and occupational safety specialists (Sifa), e.g. safety engineers, technicians or foremen. These support the employer in ensuring that

  • the regulations serving the safety and health protection of the employees are applied in accordance with the respective operating conditions,
  • safety at the workplace is improved by implementing occupational health and safety findings, and
  • all employees in the company behave in a safety-conscious manner.

Company physicians and occupational safety specialists must be specially qualified for these activities.

Under certain conditions, the responsible trade supervisory office may, at the employer's request, permit the appointment of company physicians and occupational safety specialists (Sifa) even if they do not yet have the necessary specialist knowledge, or permit the appointment of someone who has the appropriate specialist knowledge to perform the safety tasks instead of a safety engineer.


The application must be submitted by the employer, enclosing the relevant documents.


  • Depending on the scope of the admission procedure, the costs amount to up to € 400, plus any necessary expenses.

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