Day care centers for children; application for funding for further training measures for the pedagogical staff

The Free State of Bavaria promotes further training measures for the pedagogical staff for child day care facilities. Eligible to apply are the umbrella organizations of the voluntary welfare sector and the Bavarian School of Administration as a provider for the public welfare sector.



The aim of the funding is to pass on newly gained scientific knowledge and to contribute to the further development of pedagogical work in Bavarian day care centers for children.


Eligible for funding are training measures that are relevant to the pedagogical work and operation of a daycare center and, in particular, support the implementation of the Bavarian Education Plan, including the handout "Education, upbringing and care of children in the first three years of life", the Bavarian Guidelines for the education and upbringing of children until the end of primary school, and the implementation of the priority topics specified by the Bavarian State Ministry for Family Affairs, Labor and Social Affairs.

Recipients of funding

Eligible to apply are the umbrella organizations of the voluntary welfare sector and the Bavarian School of Administration as a provider for the public welfare sector. In addition, further training providers are eligible to apply if they can demonstrate that they offer further training comparable to that offered by those already eligible to apply. The following criteria will be used to determine the comparability of the continuing education offering:

  • Statewide availability of the continuing education offering,
  • Spectrum of the further training offer (topics, target groups),
  • competence-oriented design of the training courses,
  • accessibility of the training for employees of all day care centers in Bavaria (principle of openness).

An essential means of quality assurance is, among other things, permanent participation and cooperation in the Forum Fortbildung at the Staatsinstitut für Frühpädagogik und Medienkompetenz (IFP). The determination of the comparability of the continuing education program is made by the Government of Middle Franconia in agreement with the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labor and Social Affairs.

Type and amount

The state subsidy is granted as a fixed sum within the framework of project funding. Lump-sum funding is provided in accordance with a defined procedure.


The funding requires that the sponsors of the training practice a cooperative partnership at the state level and that the pedagogical staff of all day care centers for children in Bavaria is given access to the training program (principle of openness). This openness is not violated if the fees differentiate appropriately between members and non-members.

Further training events on topics internal to the association or organization, association days, state and national congresses, meetings of sponsors, etc., as well as for additional training, with the exception of further training to become a leader, cannot be funded.

Only events that comprise at least six full hours per calendar day will be funded. If the number of participants is the same, these can be divided into two consecutive half-days. In the case of events lasting several days, half days of events can be funded for the same group of participants if the training offered on these days comprises at least three full hours each. The respective duration of the event or the teaching units (UE) must be stated for the events applied for. Funding cannot be provided without this information.


The application for funding must be submitted to the granting agency (Government of Middle Franconia).

The application form can be obtained from the Government of Middle Franconia. All planned training events must be listed individually for which funding is requested (without participant numbers); they must be broken down according to the "Basic grid for thematic breakdown" (available from the Government of Middle Franconia). In the case of cross-thematic events, the allocation must be made according to the thematic focus. The training programs are to be attached to the application as a further annex. Current additional offers can be submitted later.

Special notes

Before submitting an application, it is mandatory to contact the Government of Middle Franconia.


The grant application must be submitted in writing by December 15 of the year prior to the grant.

Processing time

Due to the requirements of the directive, the application cannot be approved until November of the respective year of approval.

Required documents

  • Training programme


  • The application and approval process is free of charge.


Direct filing of an action without opposition proceedings (Art. 15 (2) AGVwGO)

Legal action


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