Psychiatric care; application for funding for continuing education activities.

You can apply for funding for training activities in the fields of disability care and psychiatric care.



The purpose of the promotion is to provide, deepen and develop specific expertise of persons working in the fields of disability assistance and psychiatric care.


Funding is provided for further training measures in the fields of care for the disabled and psychiatric care. This applies to both face-to-face events and corresponding e-learning training courses.

Recipients of funding

Eligible to apply are the umbrella organizations of the non-statutory welfare organizations and their member organizations in Bavaria as well as associations active at the state level or other professionally recognized associations and other training providers.

Eligible costs

Eligible costs are material expenses for the implementation of the training measures, such as room rental, speaker fees, travel expenses and materials. For speaker fees, hourly rates up to a maximum of 50 euros per training unit (FE = 45 minutes) can be recognized. A higher hourly rate is eligible in individual cases, particularly in the case of self-employed speakers, if the exceeding of the maximum hourly rate is specifically justified in the funding application.

Type and amount

Grants are awarded as a fixed amount within the framework of project funding. The recipient of the grant must provide a contribution of his or her own as stipulated by budgetary law. A lump sum is granted per training unit, up to a maximum of 50 euros.


The applicants submit a list of all planned training measures (training program). The concept and objective of each training measure must be specified.

Measures with fewer than eight participants are generally not funded.



The granting authority for the area of assistance for the disabled is the Bavarian Center for Family and Social Affairs, for the area of psychiatric care it is the locally responsible government. Applications are to be sent to the granting authority.


The granting authorities are also responsible for reviewing the proof of use, withdrawing or revoking notices of granting and reclaiming grants.

In the area of assistance for the disabled, the approval authority decides on the approval of the grant after receipt of the proof of implementation.

Special notes

Funding is provided without legal entitlement within the limits of the available budget.


The complete application with the training program must be submitted to the granting authority no later than October 31 of the year preceding the grant period. The approval period is the calendar year. Approval for the early start of the measure is generally deemed to have been granted when the application is submitted on time.

Required documents

  • Training programme

    The training programme must include all training measures planned for the period covered by the grant. The concept and objective of each training measure must be specified in the programme. In order to carry out performance reviews, the grant recipients are obliged to provide the granting authorities with the data required for a performance review in a timely manner.


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