Participation in the labor market; application for a subsidy when hiring people who have been long-term unemployed for many years.

If you as an employer want to hire people who have not worked for at least 6 years or have worked only briefly and have received unemployment benefit II ("Hartz IV"), you can apply to the Jobcenter for subsidies for wage costs.


As an employer, you can give long-term unemployed people the chance to make a fresh start in working life by creating suitable jobs in your company and actively supporting your new employees during their induction.

The aim is to enable your new employee to participate in working life and to keep him or her in your company for as long as possible after the end of the subsidy.

To this end, the job center can reimburse you for a large part of your wage costs during the first 5 years, and will also finance coaching and provide you with a budget for any necessary further training.

Wage subsidy for up to 5 years

The job center can grant you subsidies for wage costs for a maximum of 5 years. The wage cost subsidy is paid monthly and amounts to

  • 100 percent in the 1st and 2nd funding year,
  • 90 percent in the 3rd funding year,
  • 80 percent in the 4th year, and
  • in the 5th subsidy year 70 percent

of the minimum wage under the Minimum Wage Act. If you as an employer are bound by a collective agreement or church labor law regulations or refer to a relevant collective agreement, your subsidy will be calculated on the basis of the wages actually paid.

The subsidy also covers your employee's coverage with a flat-rate social insurance contribution (except: contribution to unemployment insurance).

You do not receive a subsidy for one-time payments, such as Christmas bonuses or vacation pay.

Employment support (coaching)

In addition, the Job Center will cover the costs of coaching for a maximum of 5 years, which supports your formerly long-term unemployed employees, for example, with problems at the new workplace, in the family or with difficulties in organizing everyday life. This makes it easier for your new employees to get used to everyday work after a long period of unemployment.

The supported employees should participate in this coaching. In principle, the coaching can take place within or outside working hours, at the workplace or at another location. However, you must release your sponsored employee from work for the coaching during the first year of the sponsorship; in the case of coaching during working hours, you must continue to pay the employee's salary. Coaching needs are determined on an individual basis. Your business concerns will be taken into account when scheduling the coaching.

The coaching is designed in such a way that it also takes into account the special requirements that you or your company place on the personnel. However, the professional training is not part of the coaching.

The coach will involve you if necessary and will be available to you as a contact person for questions concerning the supported employee.

Further training costs

The Jobcenter will also reimburse you up to EUR 3,000 for necessary further training (course costs) during employment, but also for in-house training. In addition, your employees can be reimbursed for additional travel costs and additional costs for childcare incurred during further training.

The decision on whether to subsidize further training costs is at the discretion of the Job Center. You do not have a legal claim to the subsidy.


The subsidy provides that internships outside your company with another employer can also be completed within the subsidized employment relationship.


  • The person for whom you want to receive the grant must be
    • be over 25 years old
    • have received unemployment benefit II for at least 6 years within the last 7 years, and
    • not have been employed at all or only for a short time during this period.
  • If at least one minor child lives in the household or if the person is severely disabled, the person must have received unemployment benefit II in the last 5 years.
  • The employment must be subject to social insurance contributions.
  • Support is excluded if
    • you terminate an existing employment relationship in order to receive a wage cost subsidy or
    • you want to hire someone who has been employed by you for more than 3 months in the last 4 years subject to compulsory social insurance.


To receive the wage cost subsidy, you must submit an application before you hire someone and the employment contract is concluded.

  • Contact your contact person at the job center. They will advise you on the subsidy and give you the application form.
  • Fill out the application for funding and submit it to the job center.
  • Your job center will review your application and inform you whether the employment relationship is eligible for funding and whether the person you want to hire is eligible for this funding.
  • If you receive a positive response, you can conclude the employment contract and send it to the Jobcenter immediately.
  • If all requirements are met, your employee will be assigned to you and you will receive a notice of approval.

The job center will take care of the employment coaching for your employee.

In order for the Jobcenter to cover the costs of further training, you must also first submit an application.

  • Contact your contact person at the Jobcenter. You will receive the application form there.
  • Fill out the application for funding and submit it to the Jobcenter with all the necessary documents.
  • Your job center will review your application. If all requirements are met, you will receive a notice of approval.

As an employer, you must notify the Jobcenter of the implementation of an internship before it begins.


Apply for the wage subsidy before you sign the employment contract with your new employee.

Processing time

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Required documents

  • Required Documents

    • Fully completed application
    • Employment contract

Online procedures


  • You do not have to pay any costs.


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