Training companies; application for funding for the training of young people

Bavarian training companies can apply for funding to train young people whose chances on the training place market are reduced.



The purpose of the "Fit for Work - Chance Ausbildung" funding is to increase the chances of all young people finding an in-company training position. This is intended to promote entry into working life and support successful completion of training for young people who have difficulty obtaining a training place due to the situation on the training market, their personal circumstances, educational and qualification deficits or lower social and personal skills (disadvantaged young people). Part-time apprenticeships can also be supported.


The funding is intended for company-based training relationships with young people in recognized training occupations within the meaning of the Vocational Training Act or the Crafts Code for a maximum of 22 months (funding period).

Recipient of funding

The "Fit for Work - Chance Ausbildung" funding from the European Social Fund Plus is aimed directly at training companies. Eligible applicants are training companies with their registered office or a branch office entered in the commercial register in Bavaria,

  • which have a training contract for in-company (dual) vocational training
  • in a recognized training occupation in accordance with the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) or the Crafts Code (HwO).

Eligible expenses

The training allowance owed by the company is eligible for funding.

Type and amount

The training company can receive a grant of EUR 260 per month for training relationships that began on 01.08.2022 at the earliest, up to a maximum duration of 22 months. The further eligibility requirements are set out in the funding instructions.


The eligible target group includes young people who have not yet reached the age of 25 on the day the vocational training begins and who are German or EU nationals or who are staying in Bavaria with a secure residence status (e.g. residence permit, settlement permit) on the day the vocational training begins. Refugees whose asylum application has not yet been decided (permitted persons) or young people who are staying in Germany as tolerated persons are not part of the eligible target group.

Eligible are:

(a) training relationships with young people who start vocational training in the calendar year in which they leave school (school-leaving year),

  • if the young people, despite having successfully completed their general schooling, were able to conclude the training contract no earlier than August 1 and no later than December 31 of the year in which they left school, unless they have earned an intermediate school leaving certificate (e.g., Realschulabschluss) or a higher school leaving certificate, or
  • if the young people left school as students in a practical class or vocational orientation class at a Bavarian secondary school, regardless of when the training contract was concluded, or
  • if the young people have left general school or a business school without graduating, irrespective of when the training contract was concluded.

b) Training relationships with so-called unplaced applicants from previous years, i.e. young people who have already left a general school or a business school in the calendar year prior to the start of the training or earlier, unless they have obtained an intermediate school leaving certificate (e.g. Realschulabschluss) or a higher school leaving certificate.

The group of old applicants includes, for example:

  • young people who have terminated vocational training prematurely without a qualification and enter into a training contract again;
  • young people who change training companies (e.g. due to insolvency of the training company).

c) Training relationships with young people who attend or have attended a vocational integration class (BIK, BIK/V), a German class at vocational schools (DK-BS), a vocational integration year (BIJ), a vocational preparation year (BVJ) or a class for young people without a training place (JoA).

d) Training relationships with young people who are undergoing vocational training on a part-time basis in accordance with the provisions of the BBiG or the HwO, unless the training relationship is being conducted on a part-time basis because a course of study is being completed at the same time as the in-company training or an educational institution is being attended which leads to a higher-level educational qualification.

e) Training relationships with young people who are dependent on the instrument of "assisted training" (AsA) in accordance with the provisions of SGB III, as amended, for the successful completion of the training, if this AsA benefit was agreed between the measure provider and the young person participating in it no later than nine months after the start of the training.

Support is excluded if

  • the trainee has already completed vocational training in accordance with the provisions of the BBiG or the HwO, which generally requires a training period of at least two years, or has already acquired a comparable vocational qualification regulated by state or federal law;
  • the trainee is at the same time a participant in a project funded by the ESF+ or other public funds, the co-financing of which is based on the training allowance;
  • further subsidies from public funds are granted to obtain or maintain the same training contract.


The Center for Bavarian Family and Social Affairs (ZBFS) advises the applicant companies before and during the funding process. The ZBFS (granting authority) decides on the application and, if the requirements are met, approves the grant by means of a notice of grant within the scope of the funds allocated.

The project application must be submitted exclusively electronically via the ESF Bavaria 2021 database.

Log in directly on the start page of ESF Bavaria 2021 with your user name and password.

If your company is not yet registered for ESF Bavaria 2021, you can do so at any time on the ESF Bavaria 2021 website under "1. You are new here" and "Register Fit for Work". After registration, your username and password will automatically be sent to you by e-mail.

Special notes

A company may only be registered once on the ESF Bavaria 2021 website! If several employees are to have access to ESF Bavaria 2021, e.g. if several applications are to be submitted by different departments/branches, then please create additional user accounts. The user who has registered for the first time is the so-called superuser. This user has the right to create additional user accounts. In ESF Bavaria 2021, you will find the menu item for this under Administration/Promoter users.


The funding application must be submitted via the ESF Bavaria 2021 database no later than three months after the start of vocational training.

For young people receiving AsA support, the funding application must be submitted no later than three months after the AsA benefit has been agreed.

Processing time

If all the necessary documents are available, the notice of approval can be expected to be issued within approx. 8 to 12 weeks. Irrespective of the date of notification of the grant, the grant is only paid out in one sum at the end of the grant period (generally 22 months after the start of training) after submission of proof of use.

Required documents

  • The following documents must be submitted electronically in scanned form:

    • Vocational training contract
    • Last report from a general school or business school (if a report cannot be presented, it can be replaced by credible evidence in justified cases)
    • Declaration of consent from the trainee and, if applicable, a legal representative.
    • In the case of an application for young people who are supported with Assisted Training (AsA): Declaration of the education provider / measure provider as to when the AsA measure was agreed upon with the trainee
    • Proof of a secure residence status for trainees from third countries, e.g. residence permit, settlement permit.

Online procedures

  • ESF Bavaria 2021

    Project sponsors have their own Internet portal for efficient processing of their project applications. Funding procedures can be handled completely digitally via ESF Bavaria 2021.


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