Integration subsidy; application


Employers can receive subsidies on wages to compensate for initial underperformance in order to reintegrate unemployed employees who can only be reintegrated into working life under difficult conditions. The amount of the subsidy may not exceed 50% of the eligible wages and may not be paid for more than 12 months.

For persons who have reached the age of 50, the subsidy period may be extended by 24 months to a total of 36 months. This regulation only applies to subsidies that are started by December 31, 2023.

For severely disabled persons and other disabled persons, the subsidy amount can be up to 70% of the eligible salary and the subsidy period can be up to 24 months. For severely disabled people who are particularly affected, the subsidy period can be up to 60 months and, from the age of 55, up to 96 months. Particularly affected are, for example, severely disabled people whose integration into working life is particularly difficult due to the nature or severity of their disability. After 12 months, the integration allowance is to be reduced in line with the expected increase in the employee's performance and the removable integration requirements compared with the previous allowance, but by at least 10 percentage points. A reduction to less than 30% of the assessment basis will not be made.

An integration subsidy must be applied for from the relevant employment agency or job center before the employee is hired.

Online procedures

  • Eingliederungszuschuss online beantragen

    You can also apply for an employee integration allowance online. To do so, log on to the eServices portal via an account managed by the relevant employment agency.


Objection, social court action

Status: 07.03.2022

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