Self-employed artists and publicists; registration for social insurance

As an artist or publicist, you can register for social insurance via the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK).



As a self-employed artist or publicist, you are generally insured if you

  • exercise the artistic or journalistic activity on a commercial and not merely temporary basis and
  • do not employ more than one employee in connection with the artistic or publishing activity. Exception: The employment is for vocational training or is marginal.


You must register with the Künstlersozialkasse in writing or verbally:

  • You can download the questionnaire for checking the insurance obligation for artists and publicists, completion instructions and information leaflets from the KSK website. Please complete it and send it to the KSK.
  • You will receive an unsolicited confirmation from the KSK that your documents have been received.
  • If all insurance requirements are met, the KSK will issue a notice of assessment. The KSK will register you with the statutory health or long-term care insurance fund of your choice and with the data office of the pension insurance provider.
  • Compulsory insurance under the Artists' Social Insurance Act begins on the day on which the application is received by the KSK. If you are incapacitated for work at the time you register with the KSK, compulsory insurance only begins when you are able to work again.
  • The insurance obligation ends on the day on which you give up your self-employed artistic or journalistic activity. You are therefore obliged to inform the KSK immediately of any change in your activities.

Special notes

  • For the first six weeks of incapacity for work, you can agree an earlier entitlement to sickness benefit with your health insurance fund for an additional contribution. Please contact your health insurance fund about this.
  • Self-employed artists or publicists may be entitled to the benefits of the Artists' Social Security Act, while at the same time they may also be required to pay social security contributions if they regularly commission other self-employed artists or publicists.


As soon as you meet the requirements for admission to the KSK as a self-employed artist or publicist, you must submit the application.

Processing time

Depending on the investigation effort: 3 to 6 months

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    • Questionnaire assessing the insurance obligation for artists and publicists
    • Proof of work: current contracts with clients or statements, invoices and bank receipts.
    • Further supporting documents: advertising material, proof of training as an artist or publicist, certificate of membership of professional interest groups, photocopy of your ID card/passport with current certificate of registration
    • if you are already a member of a statutory sickness insurance fund: certificate of membership of the sickness insurance fund. Otherwise, a provisional certificate from the chosen sickness insurance fund
    • if you are raising or have raised a child:
      • a copy of your child’s birth certificate
      • evidence of parenthood



    • Registration: none
    • Monthly contribution: 50 percent share of statutory pension, health and long-term care insurance


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