Land use plan and development plan; request for information

You can request information from the zoning plan or land use plan for a specific property.


The task of urban land use planning is to prepare and guide the structural and other use of land in the municipality in accordance with the Building Code.

Land-use plans are the land-use plan (preparatory land-use plan) and the development plan (binding land-use plan).

The development plan specifies the manner in which land may be built on. You will find, for example

  • on the type and extent of building use,
  • the permissible number of stories, and
  • the permissible roof shape.

In particular, an explanatory memorandum must be attached to the development plan. It contains explanations of the objectives of the planning as well as the graphic and textual stipulations.

In the land use plan , municipalities outline the intended urban development.

For example, you will find statements on planned

  • residential building areas,
  • commercial and industrial sites,
  • green spaces or
  • traffic areas.

The accompanying explanatory memorandum explains the planning objectives and the representations in the land use plan.

Pursuant to Section 6 (5) Sentence 3 and Section 10 (3) Sentence 2 of the Building Code, anyone may inspect the land use plan or development plan or request information on its contents.


Applicable development plans and effective land use plans are to be made accessible by the municipalities via the central state portal and on the Internet. This is obligatory for the documents of public participation procedures according to Section 3 (2) of the Building Code.

You can also request information about zoning plans or land use plans from the municipality. If you want to know more about land-use plans in the area of a property, you should be able to provide information about the property in question (e.g. district, parcel number or address).

You have a legal right to inspect the development plan and to receive information from the municipality. The claim can be asserted before the competent administrative court; the action for performance is relevant.


  • The urban land use plans can be viewed free of charge on the Internet. On-site inspection at the municipality is also free of charge.

    Excerpts from the zoning plan or the land use plan can be obtained in print or digitally from the municipality, subject to a charge.

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