Real estate values; application for an upper appraisal report

The Upper Expert Committee for Real Estate Values in the Free State of Bavaria can be commissioned to prepare an upper expert opinion.


The Upper Expert Committee for Real Estate Values in the Free State of Bavaria is an autonomous and independent body of experts, which at the beginning of its term of office is composed of a chairman and 25 honorary additional experts. Among other things, it prepares upper appraisals at the request of a court if the appraisal of a local appraisal committee is already available.

The tasks of the office of the Upper Expert Committee are carried out by the Government of Lower Bavaria. On the basis of an administrative agreement with an independent city or a district, personnel and material resources of a local expert committee can be used against reimbursement of costs. By means of an administrative agreement, the office is assigned to the city of Landshut.


Top appraisals are only prepared at the request of a court on the basis of an appraisal prepared by the local appraisal committee.


Applications for the preparation of upper appraisals are submitted in writing to the office of the upper appraisal committee. A decision on the acceptance of the order is omitted due to the legal obligation.

Processing time

As a rule, a processing period of between three and six months is to be assumed for the determination of the market value.

Required documents

  • All documents relevant to the valuation that are not accessible to the Higher Expert Committee itself.

    These documents are requested by the Higher Expert Committee on a case-by-case basis.


  • Fees in accordance with § 15 of the Ordinance on the Expert Committees, the Collections of Purchase Prices and the Standard Land Values in accordance with the Building Code (Expert Committee Ordinance - BayGaV)

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