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You can order a report on the real estate market from the relevant expert committee.


The appraisal committees determine a large number of important data for the valuation on the basis of the evaluated sales contracts. These data serve both the general public and all institutions and groups of persons active in the real estate market as well as the experts for the determination of market values for real estate. In addition to the presentation of monetary, area and contract sales, which are classified according to undeveloped, developed, agricultural and forestry properties, the data from the area of residential and partial ownership are also analyzed.

In addition, the appraisal committees determine special, high-quality parameters that are indispensable for determining market value. The so-called "other data required for the valuation" include the asset value factors for the asset value method, property interest rates for the income capitalization method, gross income factors, conversion and comparison factors for the comparative value method, as well as index series on the development of the various areas of the real estate market.

These data are usually presented in the property market reports or real estate market reports of the expert committees. Not every expert committee has derived and published all data for every submarket, e.g. due to insufficient data.

The contents are aimed at interested laypersons, but also at persons who carry out real estate appraisals as part of their professional activities, such as appraisers for determining the market value of real estate, appraisers for determining mortgage lending values, real estate agents and tax consultants.


    There are no prerequisites. The land market reports can be purchased by all interested persons and entities.


    You can usually order the report as a print or as a PDF.

    Special notes

    Reproduction of the report is permitted only with the permission of the publisher. The copyright notice must be observed.



    Online procedures


    • usually between 20,00 and 70,00 EUR

      if sent by mail: plus postage

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