Spatial Information System Bavaria; specialized information system for state and regional planning

The Bavarian Spatial Information System (RISBY) is a geographic information system with topics of state and regional planning. These specialized topics can be combined with other specialized data as well as maps and aerial photographs of the Bavarian Surveying Administration.


The Bavarian Spatial Information System consists of the following pillars:

  • the geoinformation system with spatial data (geodata). It contains, among other things, the structural map of the Bavarian State Development Program, contents from the regional plans and other specialized data, which can be combined as desired with data from the Bavarian Surveying Administration, such as maps and aerial photographs, some of which have to be licensed.
  • the geodata services, which make it possible to use spatial data (geodata) with the help of the Internet.

The published geodata services are integrated in the RISBY application and can also be accessed in the Bavarian Geoportal and integrated in other geoinformation systems or viewers.

The following geodata services are offered:

Regional Planning in Bavaria: The geodata service contains various layers from selected topics of regional planning from the Bavarian Spatial Information System (RISBY), such as energy, transport, nature and landscape, water management and raw material security. As a rule, the representation area covers the scale 1:15,000 to 1:500,000, reference scale is 1:100,000. Note: This service only represents selected regional plan determinations on the topics and does not replace the solely binding original version of the regional plan. In addition to the graphic representations of the goals and principles, the regional plans contain binding textual determinations on the topic as well as their justification.

Alpine Plan: The Alpine Plan regulates the development of the Bavarian Alps with zones A, B and C in the Bavarian State Development Program (LEP) with transport projects such as cable cars and lifts, insofar as they serve public transport, ski, grass ski and skibob runs, toboggan runs and summer slides, public roads, private roads and private paths (with the exception of hiking trails) as well as airfields (cf. 2.3.3 to 2.3.6 LEP). Only the publication in the Bavarian Law and Ordinance Gazette No. 16 of August 30, 2013 (sheets 2 and 3) and No. 23 of December 03, 2019 (sheet 1) at a scale of 1:100,000 is legally binding.

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