Building files; request for inspection

Building files of ongoing building inspection procedures or completed (archived) procedure files may be inspected by persons authorized to receive information.


A building file includes all documents and drawings (in particular the building permit, the approved building plans, area calculations, building description, statics, etc.) that have been created in connection with a building project

. These are in particular the building owners. However, owners of neighboring properties can also be involved. The inspection includes, in particular, issued permits and construction plans of existing buildings.

The inspection of



carried out

either on the premises of the authority or by sending a copy



A right to inspect files exists if knowledge is required for the assertion or defense of legal interests. Parts of the file, in which there is no legal interest, are not covered by the right to inspect the file

.A legal interest exists for the building owner on a regular basis. Neighbors also have a regular right to inspect files. However, this does not apply if a neighbor has given his or her consent to a building project.

Once a building permit procedure has been completed, there is no longer any entitlement to inspect files


However, the competent lower building supervisory authority (district office, independent city, large district town, delegation municipality) can grant access to files if there is a justified interest. Such a legitimate interest may exist, for example, in the case of a potential buyer of a plot of land who wants to find out about the building permit situation.


The inspection of files must be applied for at the competent lower building supervisory authority (district office, independent city, large district town, delegation municipality). There are no formal requirements. In the application, you must state what your legitimate interest in inspecting the files is. You do not have to state the legitimate interest if this is obvious, for example in the case of the owner of the property

.You can then inspect the file in the building regulations office on presentation of your identity card and proof of ownership and, if necessary, a power of attorney from the owner. It takes place at the competent lower building supervisory authority (district office, independent city, large district city, delegation municipality) and there usually in the offices of the authority. However, it is also possible to send a copy of the building file.

Required documents

  • Identity card

  • Proof of ownership (e.g. extract from the land register, purchase contract, land tax assessment notice)

  • power of attorney of the land owner, if applicable

  • If applicable, power of attorney from the property management or the owners' association


  • Information from the building files and copies from the files are subject to a fee.
    The fees are charged in accordance with the Bavarian Cost Law and amount to 1 Euro per file for inspection, but at least 10 Euro

    .Additional fees apply for copies.


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