Fire department; expert advice

The expert advisors for fire and disaster protection (FBBK) at the governments provide expert technical advice in defensive fire protection and preventive measures necessary to ensure defensive fire protection.


Volunteer district and city fire councils, district fire inspectorates with their volunteer fire departments, expense units, counties, municipalities and authorities can obtain advice from the fire and disaster protection consultants (FBBK) at the governments. They provide technical advice on fire prevention and preventive measures that are necessary to ensure fire prevention.

In particular, the technical advisors for fire protection and disaster prevention provide expert support in the following areas

  • in the planning of alarms and operations
  • in the procurement of vehicles, equipment and means of communication of the fire departments
  • training, advanced training (including site training) and exercises
  • planning and operation of fire stations and training facilities
  • on issues relating to respiratory protection, extinguishing agents, extinguishing procedures, water supply and NBC operations
  • in the inspection of fire departments in accordance with the Bavarian Fire Department Act in special cases
  • in enforcement in accordance with the Bavarian Fire Department Act
  • in disaster control, including the training and equipment of emergency forces
  • during fire department operations, in particular during major incidents, also on site on request
  • in the execution of fire inspections
  • in the preparation of fire department requirement plans
  • in preventive fire protection and structural fire protection for the state building authorities, building permit authorities and other authorities and offices
  • in the assessment as well as recognition and review of plant fire departments by the government
  • support and cooperation with the district fire brigade association
  • in questions concerning the BOS digital radio

Further tasks:

  • Multiplier and mediator between the fire department schools and the fire departments
  • Cooperation on training documents of the fire department schools
  • Technical review of grant applications in accordance with the fire department grant guidelines (e.g., fire trucks, fire stations and their equipment), including checks during the grant process
  • Expert opinions on fire protection in immission control procedures
  • Expert opinions on land use and development plans
  • Participation in incident inspections with the district fire chief and the district administrative authority (disaster control) on special occasions
  • Execution of fire department service meetings
  • Technical handling and examination of the fire departments' deployment statistics and strength reports
  • Cooperation in the leadership group disaster control of the respective government


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