Wastewater disposal; application for a permit for the discharge of wastewater into public sewage systems

If you want to discharge commercial/industrial wastewater into a public wastewater facility or sewer system, you usually need a permit.


A drainage permit is required for connection to and use of the public sewage system.

In its drainage statutes, the responsible body has defined discharge conditions for the wastewater in order to ensure the proper operation of the sewerage system and the wastewater treatment plant. When issuing the drainage permit, it also decides whether pretreatment of the wastewater is required, especially in the industrial and commercial sectors.

For certain industries and activities (such as chemical industry, paper production, metal processing, cooling water use), pollutants are expected in the wastewater that are not sufficiently treated in a municipal wastewater treatment plant. Requirements for this are specified in the industry-specific annexes to the Wastewater Ordinance.

To comply with these requirements, special measures and wastewater pretreatment plants are required to reduce the pollutant load in such a way that the wastewater can then be treated without harm in a public wastewater treatment plant.


  • To the property drainage system,
  • to the wastewater conditions on which the drainage permit is based, or
  • the connection to the wastewater system

require a modification permit. Information can be obtained from the responsible office.


The permit may only be issued if

  • the requirements of the Wastewater Ordinance applicable to the wastewater are met,
  • the public sewage treatment plant can adequately treat the wastewater, and
  • the wastewater is pretreated at the discharging company, if necessary, in such a way that the preceding requirements are met.


  • You can apply for the permit to discharge wastewater into public wastewater systems at the responsible office.
  • You fill in the application forms and submit them with all the required documents.
  • The competent body will review your application.
  • If all the necessary requirements are met, your application can be approved.
  • You will receive a permit to discharge wastewater into public wastewater systems.

Special notes

The discharge of collected precipitation water directly into a surface water body and the infiltration of precipitation water require a permit under water law (direct discharge permit).


Deadlines may have to be observed. Please contact the responsible office.

Required documents

  • The documents required depend on the wastewater (for example, industrial wastewater or commercial wastewater) that is to be discharged into the public wastewater system. More detailed information can be obtained from the responsible office.

    If applicable:

    • Information on the production of the discharging plant
    • Information on the wastewater produced, the wastewater channels and the pretreatment facilities envisaged


  • Fees may apply. Please contact the responsible office.


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