Road construction lump sums; determination

Following the abolition of road expansion contributions, municipalities are supported with new state allocations in the form of road expansion lump sums for road expansion measures.


Municipalities receive lump-sum allocations in the form of lump-sum road development payments for road development measures within the meaning of Art. 5 (1) sentence 3 half-sentence 1 of the Municipal Tax Act (improvement or renewal of local roads, restricted public roads, parts of local thoroughfares for which municipalities are responsible for construction and street lighting). The funds may also be used for investment measures on development facilities for which at least 25 years have passed since the start of initial technical construction on April 1, 2021.

The funds for the road development lump sums are distributed in proportion to the settlement areas; the relevant settlement areas are taken from the statistical report of the Bavarian State Office for Statistics "Area Survey by Type of Actual Use", which is updated annually.

The minimum lump sum is 10,000 euros.

The State Office for Statistics (setting authority) is responsible for setting the road expansion flat rates.


The State Office for Statistics sets the road expansion allowances. The funds are paid out on July 1 of each year.


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Status: 21.09.2022

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