Street cleaning; implementation

The purpose of street cleaning is to maintain cleanliness and ensure the passability and walkability of the traffic route network of cities and municipalities.


In addition to the ubiquitous dust, e.g. from soot deposits and tire abrasion, all kinds of improperly disposed trash (cigarette butts, packaging, etc.) accumulate. In addition, leaf fall, snow and the rolling chippings after winter operations and, finally, dog excrement must be removed. In addition, it must be ensured that no uncontrolled plant growth damages the road surface.

The municipalities can issue ordinances obliging the residents living near and behind the roads to keep the public roads clean and to perform winter road maintenance (for more information, see "Related Topics" - "Winter Road Maintenance; Implementation") within the enclosed urban area (so-called safety and cleaning ordinances).

In addition, the municipalities have the possibility to establish a so-called municipal street cleaning institution by means of a street cleaning statute, which takes over the cleaning duties incumbent on the abutting and rear riparians. Such a street-cleaning institution is then subject to compulsory connection and use. To cover the costs associated with street cleaning (and winter services), the municipality can levy street cleaning fees (for more information, see "Related Topics" - "Street Cleaning Fees; Collection").

Status: 09.02.2022

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