Publicly accessible charging points; display of set-up and decommissioning.

If you put publicly accessible normal and fast charging points into or out of operation, you must notify the Federal Network Agency. You must also notify the Federal Network Agency if you make private charging points public or transfer your charging points to another operator.


You must submit a notification of charging points to the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) if you

  • set up or decommission publicly accessible normal and fast charging points for electric vehicles with a charging capacity of more than 3.7 kilowatts.
  • make private charging points public or transfer your publicly accessible charging points to another operator.

The notification requirement applies to all normal charging points that were put into operation after 17.03.2016 as well as to all fast charging points.

  • Standard charging points have a maximum charging capacity of 22 kilowatts.
  • Fast charging points have a charging capacity of more than 22 kilowatts.
  • A charging point is publicly accessible if it is located either in the public street space or on private property and the parking space belonging to the charging point can be used by any person.


You are planning to install a publicly accessible charging point or already operate publicly accessible normal or fast charging points.


You can place the advertisement via online form.

Notification of installation or decommissioning via online form:

  • Go to the Federal Network Agency's website and open the online form.
  • Complete the online form and upload the required documents.
    • You can also submit the additional documents by e-mail or by mail.
  • Submit the form electronically.
  • The Federal Network Agency will check your notification.
  • You will receive written information with your data entry and, if applicable, an operator number by e-mail.
  • The Federal Network Agency will publish the charging points on its website if the notification is complete and you have agreed to the publication.

Notification of a change of operator:

  • On the website of the Federal Network Agency, you will find a "Form: Change of operator".
  • Complete the form in full and send it by e-mail to the mailbox for the charging point ordinance of the Federal Network Agency.
  • The Federal Network Agency will confirm receipt and processing of the information by e-mail.


You must submit the notification of the installation at least 4 weeks before the planned start of the installation of charging points.
You must notify the decommissioning of charging points immediately.

Processing time

The processing of the advertisement usually takes place after 2 to 3 weeks.

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    Operators of fast charging points must additionally prove compliance with the technical requirements of the ordinance by enclosing a commissioning report signed by a qualified electrician.


Online procedures


  • There are no costs for you.


Since this is a notification procedure, no administrative decisions are made that could be appealed.


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